Friday, April 22, 2011

Yay! We have another poem to post for Poetry Month!

Hanging Up Clothes by Valerie Nieman

Out in the last fine rain,

the light red in the west,

after the storm.

A delight for the eye

and tomorrow.

A deer comes from the wood line

and stands deep in daisies,


My white-flag work

does not frighten her.

The red light glows

in her summer coat.

The light is red.

The deer grazes.

I move from line to line.

Valerie is the author of Blood Clay. To learn more about Valerie, Blood Clay and other written works visit her website.

Description from Amazon:
Blood Clay tells the story of Tracey Gaines, who has moved to rural Saul County, North Carolina, to escape the wreckage of a divorce and becomes a teacher at an alternative school. She devotes herself to renovating an old farmhouse but finds she can't as easily build connections in this new place. When the community splits, she finds an ally in Dave Fordham, a native son who struck out for new opportunities, only to face his own trauma and a forced return home. Elizabeth Stuckey-French says, "Val Nieman has written what is destined to become a classic novel of Southern life."

Click here to purchase Blood Clay.

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  1. I like Valerie's poem. One of my characters writes poetry and it's tough getting into the groove for me. I've been reading lots of Goth like stuff hoping it'll wear off on me. Have a good weekend!