Saturday, April 23, 2011

YA Blogger Show and Tell #3

Hello everyone! This week's YA Blogger Show and Tell is going to feature more than one blogger. Each blogger featured in this week's post is a teenager. I have been blog hopping and I have stumbled across some really terrific teen blogs. If you scroll down my page you can find a whole list of them. I am featuring three in this post because I was extremely impressed with their reviews, but each blog is fantastic and I hope all of you will visit and follow them. It warms my heart to see young people with a passion for reading and writing!

Gina @ The Bucket List
Hi! I love writing, reading, and talking. Basically, I'll read and review the books here. I read mostly young-adult fiction, but I can venture into the adult section of my library once in a while. Welcome to my blog!

Lauren @ Books From a Shelf Young Adult Reviews and News
I'm just a 16-year-old girl who loves reading and obsessing over good books.

Kreag @ I Devour Books
I'm Kreag. I'm a highschooler in the USA. I Started this blog so that I could review and recommend my favorite books, or, well, any book I read. People told me I have a lot to say about books so... here I am. Oh, and I love to write to.

If you know a terrific blog that you feel needs to be checked out and followed please drop the link here.


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my blog Amy!
    Its great to know that you like my reviews! i can't wait to get started on Soul Quest :)

    Oh, and also thank you for grabbing my button!


    PS: The review of Soul Quest is up :)

  3. Woo whooo! Another 5 star review for Soul Quest! Thank you Books Ahoy!