The Soul Quest Trilogy

Beginning high school is a completely normal, human right of passage but how normal would it be for someone who isn’t entirely human?

Let’s say you’re special, capable of harnessing the Earth’s energy to defeat soul sucking monsters and you don’t even know it.

You go to school, meet new people and form friendships only to discover that you and your new click are something otherworldly. You’re life becomes a comic book cliché. By day you solve algebra problems and by night you rid the world of evil beings.

This is my life. My quest is to protect innocent souls... and pass the ninth grade.

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The spirits are back with a mission and a militia for justice. Unfortunately, there isn't a single trace of the evil spirits who disappeared following their murderess rampage on Valentine’s Day.

The four teens are torn between the human world and Arcadia. While they’d much rather go to the movies or play video games they realize their friend’s safety is more important.

Lies and deception become the standard shield of protection when safe guarding their peers from evil. While their friends are momentarily safe from harm their social life is not.

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In the third and final installment of The Soul Quest Trilogy the teen spirits head to the Scottish Highlands in pursuit of evil. When they finally catch up with the fallen spirits they are unexpectedly met by another mysterious creature. Will this magical being be friend or foe?

The spirited teens face loss and betrayal in this epic adventure. They must choose between love and friendship, overcome deception and learn to forgive themselves and each other. They must embrace their gifts and accept their weaknesses if they are to defeat evil once and for all.

Afflictions of the soul wade deep. Will they sink or swim?

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(A novella) 

What could make a spirit fall from Arcadia, defy his creator and turn his back on his spiritual companions?

Shayan, the Oracle of Humanity, has done the unthinkable.

Learn what ails Shayan and has led to his evil descent into darkness. Shayan's quest to rule the world has prompted the inevitability of many of the world’s most horrific and historical disasters.

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Cover art by KKeeton Designs

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