Sunday, April 17, 2011

Review for City of Fallen Angels by Cassandra Clare

The City of Fallen Angels is another fantastic script layered with phenomenal phenomenon by Cassandra Clare. In this installment the Shadowhunters are faced with more demonic danger and Downworlder drama.

Clary and Jace are finally together, entirely in love with one another, but their long anticipated union is not what they hoped it would be. The secret that Clary and Jace share has made Jace’s soul vulnerable, causing Jace to distance himself from Clary once again.

Simon has his share of problems in this book too. Clary’s artwork, the mark of Cain scrawled deftly on Simon’s forehead, turns out to be a welcome sign for demons and manipulative Downworlders. His romantic life gets increasingly complicated and ends up blowing up in his face. If this isn’t enough, some kid who initially appears entirely mundane auditions for Simon’s band and ends up being his unsolicited bodyguard and a wolfish nightmare from the past.

There is trouble in paradise for Alec and his warlock boyfriend, Magnus too. Shadowhunter bodies have been popping up in the city and the Clave calls on Magnus to interview a vampire who may be able to give them information about the mysterious murders. It is during this investigation that Alec comes face to face with one of Magnus’s former lovers. He begins to realize that falling in love with an immortal may be trickier than he realized.

This is just a taste of the drama that unfolds in this read. I found myself glued to this book, entirely unable to put it down. As always Ms. Clare does a beautiful job of intertwining the elements of romance, action and mystery into a spectacular plot of heart squeezing emotion and adventure that will leave you breathlessly amazed and shell shocked at its conclusion (…and now we have to WAIT again to find out what happens!).

I give this read 5 stars! Cassandra Clare is the!

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