Saturday, April 30, 2011

YA Blogger Show and Tell #4

The YA Blogger Show and Tell is a weekly meme hosted by this blog. The purpose of this meme is to brag about cool information and ideas you discover when you visit other book blogs. Do you want to participate? Here is how it works.

1 - Paste The YA Book Blogger Show and Tell widget on your blog or website.
2 - Post about something interesting you've seen on another book bloggers blog or website.
3 - Invite someone to join the group.

This weeks YA Blogger Show and Tell features Rhiannon Paille, Thought Provoking and Absurd.

The link above will take you to a really terrific review of Cassandra Clare's latest work of genius, City of Fallen Angels. ...and no, I did not feature Rhiannon just because she loves Cassandra Clare (although, this could be reason enough, right?). Seriously, she has a really terrific blog filled with terribly interesting information about books and writing.

Rhionnon is the author of Integrated Intuition.
Integrated Intuition
A Comprehensive Guide to Psychic Development

Book Description:
You will save lives. Integrated Intuition is the core component course booklet for the Bachelor of Metaphysical Therapy Program, offered by the Canadian College of Metaphysics.

Take your first step to becoming a Metaphysical Therapist today!

Follow these links to read a great interview and review of Integrated Intuition with Evie at Evie Bookish.

Please visit Rhiannon Paille's blog today and become one of her followers. You won't be disappointed.

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  1. Hey Amy! Oh this makes me all giddy and stuff. Yeah, I sort of worship Cassandra Clare. After months of reading 1st person books that didn't help my writing, I finally came around to her books and was at first jealous and then delighted that she writes like I do, and I can learn a lot from her. I wrote a post on it actually somewhere on my blog. SHE is fantastic.

  2. Hi Amy!
    Thanks SO MUCH for linking back to my posts, you don't know how much I appreciate this! I am doing my Show and Tell on Sunday, I'm terribly sorry I didn't get around to posting it yet, I've been so busy with reviews and interviews (and giveaways!) recently.. I juggled things around and decided that Sunday will be The Show and Tell day :)

    Stop by to enter my Spring Blog Carnival giveaway!


  3. Oh, and I love your new header! It's beautiful!

  4. Amy, I just posted my YA Blogger Show and Tell:

    I'm thinking we should come up with this kind of linky-thingy (I'm not sure what they're called), so that people could easily link up to the meme. What do you think?


  5. I agree Evie. I've been trying to figure out how to do that. I think that would encourage more participation. What do you use for your linkies?

    Hugs back!