Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another poem for Poetry Month!

Mrs. Peter's Death by Madeline Lessing

She won't speak to me
She won't look at me
And still she remains here

Her skin is cold
She'll need my warmth, eventually
But she still remains here

She sleeps all day
She sleeps all night
She eats when I'm not looking
Eventually she will crack
I know she loves my cooking
Yet she still remains here

How long has it been since I heard her voice
How long has it been since we've spoken
I try to stay up to see her
But when I pass out she has woken

When she forgives me, we will be rich
We'll go down in history
She'll be the first alive human
With a rotting body

My bride, my lady
By the time we talk I'll be a corpse
And you thought you'd die first, ha
You will feel remorse

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