Thursday, April 7, 2011

Royal Blood by Barbara Bartholomew; A Review by Amy Jones

I really enjoyed the plot of this book. I especially loved Steffy, the daughter of two powerful mages, raised with education and ambition toward the future of Endymion. In contrast, I also found affection for her cousin Rosie, the daughter of an every day innocent. While Rosie is illiterate and lacking in social etiquette she is hard working and bears a strong heart. I think the story had a good message about good democracy and the ideal of treating others the way you would like to be treated. I enjoyed Steffy and Rosie's journey from cover to cover. Having said that, the book requires editing. There are quite a few typos and in several places the text repeats itself (portions or entire paragraphs repeated). These distractions made the story difficult to follow at times, but the overall message carried through and I think the idea behind the story is brilliant.

2 Stars!


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  2. Was it an ARC copy? Sounds like an interesting read, thanks for sharing your thoughts, Amy!

  3. Thanks Evie. I downloaded it on Smashwords during Read an ebook week. It was not labeled as an ARC. I just chose it because it sounded interesting and thought I would share my thoughts. How can you tell if a book is an ARC? Will it be labeled?


  4. I'm always looking for something new to read thanks for the heads up. Found you on Blog-A-Licious. Glad to follow you.