Saturday, April 16, 2011

Cool, curtious and clever!

This week's YA Book Blogger Show and Tell gives bragging rights to Tales of Whimsy for her accolades page. This is a special place in her blog that is specifically dedicated to thanking and honoring the people who have graced her with blogging awards. I thought this feature was both unique and classy. It is no surprise that this blog has been recognized and awarded so often.

Would you like to participate in the YA Book Blogger Show and Tell? I've simplified the rules to make participation less complicated.

1 - Paste The YA Book Blogger Show and Tell widget on your blog/website.

2 - Post a link here to a blog post you especially enjoyed on another blog/website. The post can be about a review, post, giveaway, interview, written work (poetry, novel), etc… on any blog. You don't have to select a post from this blog. I already know you love me, or you wouldn't be here (xoxo).

3 - Make sure you paste a link to your own blog in your post. This will draw attention to your blog and allow the blogger you featured an opportunity to thank you if they happen see your post.

Happy blogging!

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  1. OMG
    Thank you thank you thank you :)
    That's so cool that you featured me Amy.