Saturday, May 7, 2011

YA Blogger Show and Tell #5

The YA Blogger Show and Tell is a weekly meme hosted by this blog. The purpose of this meme is to brag about cool information and ideas you discover when you visit other book blogs. Do you want to participate? Here is how it works.

1 - Paste The YA Book Blogger Show and Tell widget on your blog or website.
2 - Post about something interesting you've seen on another book bloggers blog or website.
3 - Invite someone to join the group.

This weeks YA Blogger Show and Tell feature spotlights Jamie @ Fantasy Book Chick.

Jamie's blog always has something new to share. She gives excellent reviews on a multitude of books and she is a dedicated and supportive book blogger in many ways. Please stop by and visit Fantasy Book Chick, follow her and enjoy her posts and reviews.


  1. Great pick, Amy! Jamie's blog is one of my favorites!

    Here's my meme: Show and Tell!

    I still haven't quite figured out how the linky works, but I'm working on it!

  2. Oh my goodness, thank you so much Amy! I really appreciate this, it's so cool. Thanks for the wonderful feature!!!!!

  3. You are sooooo welcome Jamie! I pop onto you blog frequently because I love your reviews. I know I can find a great book to read that I've never heard of when I'm there.

    Evie! You linkied in your comment post! How did you do that? Do you have supernatural powers, hmmm? lol! No seriously, how did you do that, girlfriend?


  4. Hahah, well of course I have supernatural powers *wink*

    I'll explain it in email, ok? I wouldn't want to spam your comments! :)