Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A 5 star review for Grey Eyes by B. B. Alston

Grey Eyes by B. B. Alson

Witches and Vampires! Good witches or evil witches? Good vampires or evil vampires? This is the dilemma you will face in this read. The author does an excellent job of creating colorful and distinct characters. You know just enough about them to understand who they are, what they want and what is in their way, yet your continually wondering if they will turn out to be good or bad. Poor Ana has been on the run all of her life and left entirely clueless about it until one day monsters show up on her doorstep. The monsters attack her mother, the same mother who is constantly uprooting her and moving her around the country to desolate places. Just when Ana believes she is destined to die a painful and gruesome death (for which she has no explanation) she is mysteriously whisked away by an unknown hero. This is where Ana's story begins, for her at least. Ana's mother has kept a tremendous secret from her all of her life. Now her mother may very well be dead and strangers tell her she must return to her home (something she has never known) to fulfill her destiny.

I absolutely loved this book. The characters and their relationships were very realistic and sincere. I enjoyed the different personalities and voices of the different characters, especially London and Taylor. The two girls are so drastically different it made their bonds with Ana more interesting. I also enjoyed the physical environment they lived in, the woods of NC, the mansions and well manicured landscapes of Old Brighton and the ordinariness of Old Brighton. This author is very clever with meaning. The tone of this book goes to great lengths to address the wrongness of prejudice, yet it does not feel judgmental or patronizing. This is a tricky thing to accomplish and I praise Alston for succeeding in doing so.

I give Grey Eyes 5 stars!

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