Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Reveiw for Sam I Am

Logan is a high school age girl with lots of problems on the home front but she still manages to hold the pieces of her life together. At school she performs well academically in spite of the fact that most of her peers find her odd. At home she manages to both maintain the peace and pick up the pieces after a big blow out. Logan's only escape is her writing. The clever girl creates imaginary worlds filled with supernatural beings who are even more frightening than her miserable reality. None the less she perseveres and attempts to live a seemingly normal life. Little does she know that her best friend is a witch. On the sacred eve of a blue moon a spell goes awry and Logan's stories come to life, literally. Now the characters in the stories she once escaped to are the very monsters she is running from.

This is a wonderful young adult paranormal romance story. I enjoyed how the author incorporated realistic teen situations into this work of fantasy fiction. I especially enjoyed the main character Logan. I enjoyed how the author portrayed her as strong, yet flawed. I think this is a read that teen minds can relate to and identify with. In the real world people are neither entirely perfect nor a complete hopeless cause. I think this book allows teens to realize that no matter how difficult and hopeless life may get we always have a choice about how we can respond to it. We may not be able to control our environments or the people within them but we can control ourselves and make our own decisions.

I would recommend this read for anyone who enjoys young adult paranormal romance.

I give Sam I Am 4 stars.

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