Sunday, May 29, 2011

A review for Tremble by Addison Moore

Tremble, the second book in the Celestra series did not disappoint. I read it on my Kindle in one day. It was a quick and adrenaline pumping read. In this read the Counts are still out to capture Skyla, the most powerful Celestra with the purest blood. In this adventure the usual suspects return. Skyla and her boyfriend Logan, her fake boyfriend Gage, her best friend Brielle and her boyfriend Drake who is also Skyla's step brother, the ghost of Chloe, Ellis and Michelle. In Tremble things become more complicated when Marshall comes to town posing as a substitute teacher. Marshall is a Sector who has been appointed by the Counts to capture Skyla, only he has his own agenda where Skyla is concerned. Through Marshall Skyla learns that some of her friends my be enemies in disguise. The Counts may be keeping a closer watch than she initially suspected. Meanwhile, Skyla is determined to time travel in order to save her father.

This read was filled with suspense and emotion. The action never stopped and the surprises were overwhelming. The characters continue to develop. Skyla continues to grow stronger and more confident both as an angel and a girl. Some of Logan's mystery begins to dissolve near the book's end, but this only leaves you hungrier for the next installment. Gage steals the stage a little more in this read making the reader sympathize with him even more. Then there is Michelle... Wow, if you thought she was a hag before... There is so much that happens in this book, you must read it!

I give Tremble 5 stars!

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