Monday, October 10, 2011

The Paranormal Plumes Society!

What is The Paranormal Plumes Society, you wonder?

Once upon a time there was a group of savy, paranormal romance, YA indie writers who set out on a dark journey to the ghostly town of Savannah, Georgia. The day of their journey is drawing near and you can join in the adventure of their haunted mission if you dare...

Whooooo... whoooo... whooo... (was that an owl?) Who will be there?

Trisha Wolfe, author of Destiny's Fire
Laura Elliott, author of 13 on Halloween
Debbie Wentlein, YA blogger (I Heart YA Books)
Wren Emerson, author of I Wish
Fisher Amelie, author of The Understory
M. Leighton, author of Blood Like Poison
C. A. Kunz, author of The Childe
Nichole Chase, author of Mortal Obligation
Abbi Glines, author of Existence
Tiffany King, author of Forgotten Souls
and yours truly (I will be featuring Soul Quest)

Whoot! Whoot! (That was just me... hee, hee.) We have another addition to the fantabulous Paranormal Plumes Society! Drum roll please...

Michello Muto, author of The Book of Lost Souls

Hooooooowwwwl... What mischief is planned?

Dinner, discussion, book signing and frighteningly fabulous company. Click here for more details.

AAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHHH! (Psst! Calm down Michelle and Fisher... you'll scare them away!) Uh, uhm they're uhm, just... dancing, yeah, that's it!

Join us in Savannah, Georgia Halloween weekend for a ghoulish time!

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  1. Add one more to the Plume list, Amy! :-) Can't wait.