Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Paranormal Plumes greet fans in Savannah, GA for a spooky Halloween weekend!

The Paranormal Plumes Society Haunted Savannah Book Tour was a big hit!

A few authors (Nichole Chase, Laura Elliott) arrived as early as Thursday for a spot on a local TV station (see previous post) while the rest of us (Tiffany King, Carol and Adam Kunz, Michelle Muto, Fisher Amelie, M. Leighton, Abbi Glines and yours truly) trickled in at various hours on Friday.

Friday evening we all met at the famously spooky Pirate's House restaurant for dinner with family, friends and fans in tow for a fantastically fun evening of conversation, laughter and wonderful food. Try the fried green tomotoes, they're to die for! After dinner we were entertained by 'Anne Bonnie,' a spooky pirate gal. She gave us a very in depth historical tour of the old landmark in a hilariously animated and entertaining way. In addition to being comical she had extreme patience and tolerance for our rambunctious crew.

Saturday morning we met at the South West Chatham Library for a group discussion and signing/swag fest. We were greeted with some of the same faces from our dinner date the previous evening as well as some local Savannah book lovers. This was my first book tour so it proved to be a very exciting and informative experience for me. I had the priviledge to meet one of my fans in person for the first time. It was such a pleasure to meet Tess and her mother in person and speak to them one on one. I had a wonderful time and look forward to more opportunities to connect face to face with fans, book enthusiasts and other indie writers in the future.

Thanks to Nichole's husband for carving this lovely and festive pumpkin!

Here's the whole roudy crew!

Saturday evening was a real treat... or was it a trick? Maybe both... We took a ghostly tour of the Sorrel Weed House in the historic district of downtown Savannah. A few of us got a little spooked but for the most part we felt like we had conquered an adrenaline inducing adventure.

This room was especially creepy. Reports of guests and guides seeing ghostly faces in the windows, lights turning off by themselves! Very eery!

The last two pictures were taken in the basement of the house where several bodies were alleged to have been found. It is believed that the deceased died at the hands of a very disturbed man who practiced voodoo and made live sacrifices in the basement of his own home.

I'd like to take a moment to say thank you again to the fans, family and friends who joined us in Savannah this weekend. It was awesome and I had so much fun with everyone. It was nice to finally meet everyone in person and get to know you better!

The event was such a success and enjoyed so well by all participating that we've decided to keep the Paranormal Plumes Society in tact for future tours. If you are a fan or writer of indie young adult paranormal stories please get in touch with us so we can keep you informed of our plans and include you in our group. The more the merrier!

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