Friday, October 14, 2011

YA Indie Carnival!

Welcome to The Shootin' Gallery and the fourteenth post in the YA Indie Carnival. The carnival is designed for authors, readers and reviewers of YA Indie books. Each Friday this team of YA Indies will post on a common theme.

This week’s post theme is to share our best fan experience. Sadly, as I am still fairly new to the indie writing arena I don't really have any fans, at least that I know of. Sooooo, if you are a fan I invite you proclaim you obsession with The Soul Quest Trilogy here today.

I have received some terrific reviews from my readers and I always post them on my website but I have yet to receive any personal emails. I also receive numerous and supportive shout outs and flattery on twitter (mostly from bloggers and fellow indie writers) which I truly appreciate but it would warm my heart to hear from my fans in a more personal way. So, if you're out there, I invite you to join The Soul Quest Trilogy Fan Club. It's free to join (tee hee) and everyone will think you're super cool!

Before you head off to the next booth in the carnival please don't forget about...

Soulless is a novella and will be available for free download @ on October 31, 2011!

The Guardians of Souls, Book Two in The Soul Quest Trilogy. It is available on Amazon NOW!

Gwenn Wright's The Von Strassenberg Saga. Our very own Dani Snell just released and designed the official cover for BlueStocking Girl! Here's a link to Gwenn's awesome video:

Laura A. H. Elliott's 13 on Halloween new release! Check out her awesome book trailer and an excerpt.

Courtney Cole's novel, My Tattered Bonds, the finale of the Bloodstone Saga, has been released early. You can find it on Amazon here. Congrats to Courtney's debut on Amazon’s mythology bestseller’s list!

At the end of the month, a group of our own carnies (including yours truly) will be in Savannah, GA for a book signing. You can find the details here.

Lexus Luke is donating 30% of the proceeds from Manitou The Sky People Saga to the ASPCA. You can enjoy a great read AND support a wonderful organization!

The Vincent Boys by Abbi Glines will release on October 21. You can see its trailer here.

For a limited time, Kimberly Konrade is selling signed copies of her thriller, Forbidden Mind along with some other really cool stuff! Details here.

And don't miss the giveaway on Gwen Wright’s blog. When she reaches 100 followers, she will give away a signed copy of Filter and cool coffee mugs.

Carnival of fun!

The Ferris Wheel

Dani Snell: An awesome reviewer.

The Rockin' Roller Coaster

Patti Larsen: Author of The Ghost Boy of MacKenzie House, and The Diamond City Trilogy.

The Kissing Booth

Courtney Cole: Author of Every Last Kiss, Fated, Princess, and Guardian. Also a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles.

Cotton Candy Corner

Wren Emerson: Author of I Wish and a contributing author in the upcoming anthology that I am participating in (The Glassheart Chronicles).

The Fun House

Nicole Williams: An indie author of paranormal fiction. Her titles include: Eternal Eden and Fallen Eden. She is also participating in the Glassheart Chronicles. Here is the link to my review on Goodreads.

The Dunking Booth

Fisher Amelie: Author of The Understorey, as well as a contributing author in The Glassheart Chronicles.

The Carousel
Laura Elliott: Author of the recently released Winnemucca!

The Haunted Castle

Rachel Coles: Author of Diary of a Duct Tape Zombie, Whistles, Beergarden, Plagues, Bees of St. John, and Mushrooms.


T.R. Graves: Author of Warriors of the Cross.

The Face Painting Booth

Cydni Tefft: Author of Between

The Fortune Teller
P.J. Hoover: Author of Solstice
Congrats to P. J. for her recent
book trailer award for Solstice!

Popcorn and Caramel Apples!
Alicia McCalla: Author of Breaking

Pony Rides!
Heather Cashman: Author of Perception

The Petting Zoo!
Cheri Schmidt: Author of Fateful and Fractured

Fire Breather!
Suzy Turner
Author of December Moon and Raven

Clown Sherif!
K. C. Blake Author of Vampire Rules

Elephant Trainer!
Gwenn Wright
Author of Filter

Kimberly Kinrade
Author of Bits of You, Pieces of Me and Forbidden Mind

The Giant!
J.L. Bryan
Author of Paranormals series- Jenny Pox. Tommy Nightmare & Alexander Death

Lizard Woman!
Darby Karchut Author of Griffin Rising and the upcoming Griffin's Fire

Octo - lady!
Madeline Smoot Author of Missing, Summer Shorts, and The Girls

The Fire Breathing Lady!
M. Leighton Author of Blood Like Poison Series, Wiccan, Caterpillar, Madly and Wolfhardt and The Reaping

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  1. Super Creative way to intro all the authors for the Carnival! Loved.

  2. Okay, Amy...You are definitely holding back on us. You have a 5 Star Review and some wonderful comments from Addison Moore posted on Goodreads. That's an amazing fan experience!