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Soulless: The Story of Shayan

The new release from The Soul Quest Trilogy is finally here!!!

Guess what everybody? It's almost Liv, Laith, Brayan and Meena's birthday and that means that it's time for the release of Soulless; The Story of Shayan (the prequel to Soul Quest). That's right, Soulless is now available for free at Smashwords, Goodreads and hopefully Amazon.com very soon, in ebook format just in time for Halloween! Yay!

Here's a little teaser to tempt you.

Chapter One
Year: 2015
Place: Arcadia

The Oracle of Humanity

“All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance and should be undertaken with painstaking excellence.”

~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Hello, my dear children. Please gather around and find a resting spot on this splendor of crisp and colorful fallen leaves. My name is Hala and I am the Great Spirit. Today is All Hallows Eve and I have called you here on this beautiful and festive Arcadian day to tell you a story. The story I’m about to tell is not a reflection of this lovely autumn day, it is a warning. It is a warning about the tragedy that can consume us if we fail to remember and honor the dead.”
I paused in my speech to gaze upon the young faces that stared wide eyed and guarded in reaction to my serious words. The new class of Guardian Spirits has just completed their training. Before the weeks end they will be assigned their human charges. I feel that it is imperative that they learn the sad and tragic story of Arcadia’s former Oracle of Humanity before they begin their quest of inductions and wanderings into the minds of human newborns.
As we stood safely in the shade of the woodlands that scattered themselves through out Paradise Mountain, home to the Oracles of Arcadia, I realized how safe and sheltered the lives of our young Guardian Spirits typically are.
“Look around you my children. Gaze upon the easy beauty and peacefulness of your home, Lavender Valley. Take in the serenity and safety of the Land of the Shadowless. Follow the bustling yet impervious streets of our shining Silver City. Finally, behold the magic of the Light as it emanates from the Maze of Mirrors to reach every nook and cranny of our divine realm, Arcadia, the Spirit World. Your human charges do not live in such safety. They are born into a world that threatens the wholeness of their souls. It will be your job to guide, watch, seek and plan the path they travel today so that they may safely reach the Land of the Shadowless in their next life.”
The young Guardian’s eyes scanned over the vast and awesome landscape that is their home with love and respect. I allowed them a moment of silence for self reflection and thoughtful thinking. When their inquisitive eyes returned to me with anticipation I knelt before them into a blanket of October leaves and began the story of Shayan.

Chapter Two
Year: 2015
Place: Arcadia


“I tried to manipulate and control people, and I harbored resentment. I wanted to be forgiven, but I wouldn't forgive others.”

~ Lauryn Hill

“Several hundred years ago there lived an Oracle by the name of Shayan. He was the Oracle of Humanity and it was his job to watch over and protect human kind from their inner darkness. Because humans possess their own will they may sometimes make poor choices in life. They become obsessed with power, greed, money, lust and any number of other mortal temptations. These excessive indulgences threaten the purity of their souls causing them to abuse, steal, cheat, deceive and even kill their mortal brethren. Time and temptation repeated takes its toll on these troubled souls and eventually they become lost all together. It was Shayan’s job as the Oracle of Humanity to intervene and prevent this from happening.”
“Lord Hala, did Shayan try to protect them?” asked Tracy, a young Guardian Seeker.
“No, I’m afraid not my child. Instead, Shayan became tempted himself. You see, Shayan became very jealous of mankind’s free will. I can still remember the day he came to see me with great clarity.”

“Lord Hala, may I have a moment of your time? I have something very important I wish to discuss with you.” Shayan said respectfully.
“Of course, Shayan. What can I do for you?” I had wondered.
“I’m afraid that I am not happy, my Lord. It is frustrating to watch human kind stumble over what would appear to be such an easy path to follow day in and day out.” he began.
“I’m afraid I don’t understand Shayan. Perhaps you could be a bit more specific.” I encouraged.
“They have everything, don’t you see? They can do anything, be anything… and they waste this gift.” Shayan pleaded with me now. His eyes begged me for understanding.
“This is why you must show them a better way, an easier path.” I started.
“They won’t listen. I have tried time and time again. They simply do not care. How can this be?” His former frustration was morphing to anger.
“Shayan, you must be patient and persistent. You can not give up. You must continue to try.” I persisted.
Shayan’s head hung heavy and his eyes shifted away from my gaze. “I do not think that I can do this Hala.” He barely whispered.
“You can and you must.” I said firmly. “It is your commandment as the Oracle of Humanity.”
Shayan fell silent for a moment. He was contemplating his next words. I was flabbergasted when he finally delivered them.
“Then I no longer wish to be the Oracle of Humanity… I wish to be human.” Shayan looked me in the eye.
I did not understand his logic. “What good can this achieve? Humans can not influence one another the way Oracles or even Guardian Spirits are capable.” I explained.
“No humans can influence one another better than Oracles and Guardian Spirits are capable. I have witnessed it, Hala. They can’t see spirits. Therefore, they do not see or hear me on any level.” Shayan ranted in resentment. “I wish to become one of them. I wish to possess the free will they take for granted. I want to be human and partake in the gift they care nothing about.”
“Shayan!” I yelled. “I will not listen to another second of this blasphemy. You are the Oracle of Humanity, a noble commandment. You will submit to your duties and help the mortal world find their path in life and you will find personal solace in doing so.” I demanded.
Shayan bowed his head in shame. “I am sorry, my Lord. I have grown weak. I will go to the Wishing Well and pray for the souls of human kind. I will repent my temporary lack of duty toward them in the Maze of Mirrors. I will gaze into the power of the Light in hope that it may heal and strengthen my weary soul.”

“That’s awful, but he said he was sorry. Did the Light cleanse his soul, Lord Hala?” little Tracy beckoned again.
“It did for a time, my dear.” I attempted to sooth her.
I remember watching Shayan in the weeks passing our conversation. To give him his credit’s due, he had tried very hard to make amends for his weakness.

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