Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Paranormal Perfection!

What is Paranormal Perfection?

I love to read YA Paranormal stories (if you haven't figured that out yet, lol). Lucky for me, the ebook world seems to be jammed packed with fantastic, young adult, paranormal writers. My new goal for my blog is to feature a new and wonderful read by YA indie paranormal authors that I love each week. Some of these authors I have have never met, some I have had to pleasure to chat with on the internet and some I have had the pleasure to meet in person.

This week's selection of Paranormal Perfection is Meant to Be by Tiffany King. I have had the pleasure of meeting Tiffany in person this past weekend in Savannah, GA during The Paranormal Plume's Society Book Tour. So many of my favorite authors were in attendance on this adventure but I selected Tiffany today because I love the subject of her book series.

In addition to being an excellent writer, Tiffany is a beautiful person. She is kind and thoughtful, comical and lots of fun to hang out with. She is the mother of a teenager and writes her books with her daughter in mind. I think she is an excellent role model for youth and I feel privileged to have made such a wonderful new friend.

Here is my review for Meant to Be

Angels... the good and the not so good. This story of love and betrayal is entrancing. Tiffany King blew my mind with this originally plotted and brilliantly written treat. It isn't like anything you've ever read and I mean that in a very, very, very good way.

What is it about? Essentially, an angel becomes dis -satisfied with his place and appointment in the grand scheme of things and he falls into the darkness. This in itself is bad enough, but what makes it a total nightmare is his persistent commitment to redesign the code of angels, even if it means murdering them. There is also a heart warming love story woven into to this phenomenal tale. A romance so sweet and solid it will touch your soul.

I love all of the characters in this story. Each is unique, vulnerable, brave, intelligent, and easy to relate to. They are so real that by the books end you will feel as if you've met them personally.

Ms. King's writing style has a no non-sense, get to the point character voice that allows you to see and feel what the main character is experiencing and processing emotionally.

If you're a fan of young adult romance, science - fiction/fantasy and/or action and adventure this is the book for you. Fans of Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instruments series, you simply MUST pick up Meant to Be!

I gave Meant to Be 5 stars!

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