Thursday, September 29, 2011

YA Indie Carnival!

Welcome to The Shootin' Gallery and the twelth post in the YA Indie Carnival. The carnival is designed for authors, readers and reviewers of YA Indie books. Each Friday this team of YA Indies will post on a common theme.

This week’s post theme is a feature of our dream cast for one of our books. Here is my dream cast for Soul Quest.

OK, so my first reveal for my dream cast obviously must be my MC, Liv Glyn. Liv is the human Oracle of Earth. She's a super sweet girl with a nack for bringing people together and making sense of things AND she can shapeshift into an eagle... soooo cool!

Miranda Cosgrove as Liv Glyn

Liv's companions of Spirit are Laith, Brayan and Meena.

Laith is the human Oracle of fire. He's a smart kid but doesn't believe he is so he doesn't really apply himself academically. His strong suits are his athleticism and friendliness. Everyone LOVES Laith!!! He IS the nicest guy you will ever meet AND he can set himself on fire with out being burned... but sometimes he accidently burns down portions of his backyard.

Alex Pettyfer as Laith Lightfoot

Brayan is the human Oracle of wind. He's the brainniac in the bunch. He can make, fix and figure out nearly anything mechanical. He is the techie geek and a bit of a nerd but extremely lovable (which is why one of the hottest chicks in his school falls for him) AND he can shapeshift into a centaur!

Logan Lerman as Brayan Akin

Meena is the human Oracle of water. She is omnicient! No really, she is. She literally knows everything, at least factually. You can ask her anything and she knows the answer... which really gets on everyone's nerves sometimes AND she can breath under water!

Emma Roberts as Meena Sodden

So, now you've met my human Oracles and their actor look - a - likes. Now allow me to introduce you to some of their human homies!

First up, Brayan's bombshell girlfriend, Amber White. Amber is a beautiful girl with lots of friends and amazing vocal and theatrical ability. She's modest and sweet, with the exception of some of her vocabulary choices. She has major potty mouth but no one is perfect, right?

Selena Gomez as Amber White

Meena's best friend is Druesilla Sommers (Drue). Where Meena is socially challenged and prefers flying solo Drue is the life of the party. Drue's got lots of spunk and Meena, well, Meena... doesn't. Meena loves to live by the rules and Drue loves to break them. I think they even each other out nicely. Drue is also Laith's sweetheart.

Erica Hubbard as Druesilla Sommers

Jedd Bellamy has been Liv's best friend since the third grade only now she finds herself crushing on him, weird right??? ... or maybe not.

Taylor Lautner as Jedd Bellamy

Melissa Small isn't exactly friend material in the crowd but she is thrust into their lives whether they like it or not. She's Laith's gorgeous, popular step - sister and she's always sticking her nose where it doesn't belong.

Diana Agron as Melissa Small

The last in the gang is Ray Mack. Ray is a neighborhood friend of Jedd and Liv. He's an easy going guy who is majorly lacking in fashion sense. Inspite of this his boyish good looks and easy going demeanor has captured the attention of Melissa Small (Laith's step - sister). Unfortunately, Ray has his sights set on Meena and Melissa makes Meena's life miserable because of it.

Sterling Knight as Ray Mack

So, who is left? The Oracles, the Guardian Spirits and the bad guys. Here we go...

The Oracles

Andre - The Oracle of War (a silly satyr who likes to kick butt)
Brandon Jackson as Andre

Anastazja - The Oracle of Death (affectionately referred to as the cat lady... don't let her small frame fool you, she is absolutely lethal)
Ashley Greene as Anastazja

Paul - The Oracle of Guardianship (He looks like Mr. Clean but he wears a dress... and takes himself way too seriously)
Bruce Willis as Paul

The Guardian Spirits

Beau (Liv's Guardian... who develops a serious crush on her)
Robert Patterson as Beau

Kevin (Laith's Guardian... cocky but lovable)
Chord Overstreet as Kevin

Belinda (Brayan's Guardian... a little fire cracker)
Bryce Dallas Howard as Belinda

Naomi (Meena's Guardian... just as omnicient but less annoying than her teen charge)
Anna Kendrick as Naomi

The bad guys (the Daevas and Aengels)

Shyam (pretends to be a human student at Forest Hills High; compels Liv and her companion's friends into betraying them... and sucks the souls out of innocent human beings)
Charlie Bewley as Shyam

Avna (Shyam's lover and partner in crime; soul sucker)
Rachelle Levevre as Avna

Lefu (Shyam's lacky, a mutant Aengel... also sucks the souls from the innocent)
Edi Gathegi as Lefu

Etheline (Avna's lacky, a mutant Aengel... devours souls)
Dakota Fanning as Etheline

Last, but not least, we are left with Hala, The Great Spirit. Hala is a God - like being as old as time but takes the physical age of a seven year old. I couldn't think of anyone for this role. I can see him in my mind but just can't place him among the celebs. Maybe you guys can offer some suggestions. I would love to see/hear your ideas. Here is a hint... he was inspired by my son's beautiful, angelic face.

My Keaton as Hala

Before you head off to the next booth in the carnival please don't forget about...

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Carnival of fun!

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Congrats to P. J. for her recent
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    Great cast :)

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