Sunday, March 6, 2011

Helpful tips for Indie Writers and their fans!

Before I begin let me clarify that I am in no way, shape or form an expert on this subject. In fact, I am just the opposite. Like many of my indie comrades I am brand new to blogging and publishing in the Ebook revolution. Having said that I am learning as quickly and diligently as I can. In the process I have stumbled across some very helpful and insightful advice from some of my colleges and I thought I would share what I have learned. Listed below are names of Indie Writers/blogs/websites and hot topics I've found to be of great resource.
Jeanne Tomlin - The importance of reviews, Good Book Covers
Elita Daniels - How to get more responses on your blog (Writers blog)
Victorine Lieske - Getting your name out there, Marketing Your Ebook
Brianna Merrill - Check out the Giveaways link!
Jennifer Hudock - She's got everything! Articles about writing, podcasts, book reviews, blogs, etc...
Talia Jager - Book promoting and how to help
Jason G. Andrews - Various posts/advisement on writing
These are a few of many that I am sure exist. I would love to know about others because the more knowledge I can obtain the better my chances become of selling my book and creating my own fan base. If my efforts help others at the same time, that's an awesome bonus. So, I have a request. If you know a great article/blog that would be relevant here please tell me/us about it. If you have written a great article on this subject, by all means promote yourself here (don't be modest). I would love all the support I can get.

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More blogs and advice. Thanks for the feedback!
Lindsay Buroker - How to earn money blogging
The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy - Dear (Newbie) Writer
The Henderson Files, M. Louisa Locke on Selling Your Kindle Book

You can access links to these blogs at the bottom of this page(Awesome Blogs).


  1. Make an account at the and post some helpful articles. It's a fairly popular site and can send you some traffic, especially if your article gets picked for a front page "feature."

    Here's one of mine on advertising options for indie ebook authors.

  2. Very helpful articles. Thanks for sharing and best of luck with your book sales!

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