Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Review for Nebula's Music by Aubrie Dionne

Nebula’s Music is about a female cyborg’s journey into a world unknown, the world of emotion. Cyborgs are robotic persons who were previously human and received technological enhancements after their mortal death. They look human but think and behave like robots… or do they? Nebula, previously Mirilee Fletcher in her human life, can see glimpses of her host body’s memories when she plays the piano. These memories stir up feelings in Nebula that she has not been programmed to feel or understand.

As a cyborg it is Nebula’s responsibility to protect human life. It is in this effort that she meets Radian, a man who was previously engaged to Mirilee, the woman she once was. More confusing, yet comforting feelings begin to tug at Nebula’s heart when she finally comes face to face with Radian. She asks Radian how and why she died. She learns the truth about her death and the circumstances surrounding it. She decides she must set out on a mission to make things right. On this quest she faces extreme peril and suffers a great loss but in the end she is not left alone.

Nebula’s Music was an exceptionally enjoyable read. It is a little bit of Star Trek mixed in with the feeling of Stephenie Meyer’s, The Host. Author, Aubrie Dionne has created a whole slew of uniquely developed characters in this read, some are human and others are alien or humanoid, but all of them are delightfully intriguing. The character’s relationships were meaningful and made sense. Their existence furthered the plot and supported the actions and feelings of the main character. I was also impressed with Dionne’s colorful play of words and imagery. In particular, her description of the music Nebula played was poetic and moving.

The book is a quick paced read with a steady rise in emotional level. The story flows and escalates in energy in the same way a piece of music may crescendo or an airplane may ascend into the sky.

I definitely loved and will add this author to my reading list. I give Nebula’s Music a rating of 5 out of 5 stars.

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