Monday, February 28, 2011

What inspired Soul Quest?

Soul Quest was inspired by a really weird dream. My hubby is a night owl and loves to stay up late watching the History Channel. I had this dream about a little boy standing in the middle of mirrored room. The little boy looked just like my son when he was 3 years old. He had cute chubby cheeks, curly blond ringlets and beautiful hazel green eyes. Anyway, the little boy was watching images flicker on the mirrored walls in the room. They showed images from historical disasters such as Hitler's dictatorship, Martin Luther King Jr. and Kennedy's shootings... you get the gist. Anyway, it had a major impact on me. The next day I asked my husband what he was watching on TV the night before. He said it was a special episode on the History Channel dedicated to the worst events in history. He acknowledged all of the above mentioned tragedies were part of the episode. I suppose as a mother the dream was symbolic of the wrath of the world posing a threat against my children. Anyway, I decided to turn it into a positive thing. So... my little boy became Hala, the Great Spirit, a being as old as time itself who resembles a child, and the quest for justice against evil began. Since I work with teenagers it was only natural that they become the heroes in the plot. The basis of the book is good verses evil but I tried to weave into the underlying tone that life is about choices, good and bad. What kind of choices will you make?


  1. What an amazingly symbolic dream. It sounds like an awesome story too! :)

  2. Thanks Elisabeth. I guess having overly vivid and strange dreams can be an asset to a writer. I will say that I don't have dreams of this caliber every night, but it's cool when it happens.