Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Souls for Stars Giveaway Winner!

Today is the big day! The day when Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction announces the winner to The Souls for Stars Giveaway. The winner who will walk away today with 12 fabulous YA Indie books!  ...but before we make the big announcement lets take a look at our cast list.

Here is who you cast for Soul Quest! Great picks everyone! I love your choices and I can totally see these wonderful actors running wild with the characters you assigned them too.

Liv – Anna Popplewell

Laith – Liam Hemsworth

Brayan – Zachary Levi

Meena – Molly C Quinn

Shyam – Logan Lerman

Avna – Evan Rachel Wood

Lefu – Gary Oldman

Etheline – Amanda Seyfried

Beau - Adrian Grenier

Kevin - Chord Overstreet

Belinda - Candice Accola

Naomi - Chloe Moretz

Hala - Asa Butterfield (with blonde hair)

Great job casting everyone!  I really enjoyed hosting this giveaway! It was a lot of fun for me and I hope you enjoyed the journey too!

...and now the moment you have all been waiting for! The winner to the Souls for Stars Giveaway is..... (drum roll)

FirestarBooks! (confetti! fireworks! balloons! celebration music!) I will email you shortly regarding your prizes!

Thank you so much to everyone who who participated as well as the fantastic authors who contributed their books!

The Totally Awesome Giveaway Prize List!

Significance by Shelly Crane

Significance (Significance, #1)

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto

Don't Fear the Reaper (Netherworld #1)

Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase

Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1)

Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie

Callum & Harper

Blood Like Poison by M. Leighton

For the Love of a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #1)

Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole

Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga, #1)

The Childe by CA Kunz
(a print copy)

The Childe (The Childe Series, #1)

Existence by Abbi Glines


Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King

Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels, #2)

Soul Quest by Amy Jones
(a print copy)

Soul Quest (The Soul Quest Trilogy)

The Guardians of Souls by Amy Maurer Jones

The Guardians of Souls (The Soul Quest Trilogy)

Soulless; The Story of Shayan by Amy Maurer Jones

Soulless; The Story of Shayan (Prequel to The Soul Quest Trilogy)  

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  1. This was a lot of fun. I wish I had won. Congrats to the winner.