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The Souls for Stars Giveaway Week Three!

The Souls for Stars Giveway!
Week Three 

What? You don’t know what this giveaway is about? Well, here is a little recap.
Here's a recap of how the Giveaway will work!
Seeing how YA books are taking the silver screen by storm these days, I thought it would be really cool to let my fans and blogging friends cast Soul Quest.  Each week I will post an excerpt from Soul Quest on the blog. The entrants will read the excerpt and suggest actors and/or actresses who they feel would best fit the role of the characters within the blurb. The next week (along with the new blurb and casting call) I will set up a poll to vote on the nominated actors/actresses.  By the end of the giveaway (the month of January) I will tally up all of the nominations and votes (each nomination/vote counts as one point) and the entrant with the most points will win! The winner will take home the whole reading pile! 

Now it’s casting time! We need to vote again for Liv and Laith. The votes are tied up right now for them so please vote again. 

Liv tie breaker vote!
Anna Popplewell
Kayla Scodelario

Laith tie breaker vote!
Liam Hemsworth
Douglas Booth
Here is who you cast for Brayan and Meena! These are awesome pics! Yay!
Drum roll please…

Brayan – Zachary Levi

Meena – Molly C Quinn (Molly blew everyone out of the water!)

OK, here is the list of nominations for each character for week two. Remember, while you are allowed to nominate as many actors/actresses as you want for the cast list, please vote for only one actor/actress for each character (choose your favorite).

Blair Redford
Alex Pettyfer
Asa Butterfield
Logan Lerman

Rachel Hurd-Wood
Christina Hendricks
Evan Rachel Wood
Rachelle Lefevre
Marcia Anne Cross

Grey Damon
Gary Oldman
Joseph Leonard-Gordon-Levitt
Johnny Depp
Jensen Ackles
Adam Gregory
Phoebe Tonkin
Amanda Seyfried
Carrie Underwood
Emma Stone (with blond hair)

All you have to do now is vote. List the actor/actress’s name in your comment. 

If you haven’t already done so, please leave your email address in your comment as well.

Here is how the competition stands thus far….
Ashley Chen is in the lead followed closely by FirestarBooks. Hushed Paradox is just around the corner. Globug Needs a Book and The Fallen Heart are tied for 4th place and Twins of Canada and Xerxes are tie for 5th place.

Now it’s time to read the third excerpt. This week you will be casting the Guardian Spirits,Beau, Belinda, Kevin and Naomi.

Casting Call #3!

Here is the third excerpt. Have fun and good luck!

"Does anyone know what this is about?" asked Belinda. "What could Hala want with us?" she wondered out loud.
"Maybe it has something to do with the recent tragic events in New York." offered Naomi.
"No really, do you think?" Kevin said rolling his eyes.
"Shut up, Kevin! You have no idea why Hala has called upon us." Kevin snorted in amusement. Belinda raised an eyebrow at him. "Well, do you?" she challenged. He just shrugged his shoulders. "That's what I thought." she snapped.
"Here we go again." Naomi muttered sadly.
Kevin looked as if he were about to say something in retaliation when Beau hastily shuffled through the door.
"Am I late?" he asked. He was out of breath from running.
"Man, are you ever on time?" Kevin complained.
Beau was notoriously late for everything. If it wasn't one thing it was another. His alarm didn't go off, he lost the text message, he went to the wrong location.... you get the idea. The four some were well acquainted. They had completed their training cycle for guardianship two years ago but had yet to receive their human assignments. Most of the Guardians in their graduating class had long since received their assignments and the four were beginning to worry. I had assured them this was nothing to worry about. I promised they would receive assignments when the time was right. The Guardianship program goes to great lengths to effectively match Guardians and humans. There are no random combinations. Each Guardian receives an extensive evaluation following their completion of the program. Each strength and weakness is noted and the data received is compared with similar information regarding newborn humans. This is very important. The strongest matches can mean the difference between a human  child growing up to become a rocket scientist or a serial killer literally.
"Hala will be here shortly." I announced, entering the room. I'm Paul, the Oracle of Guardianship. I noticed Kevin smirking in my direction.
"Paul looks a lot like the guys you see in the World Wrestling Federation." he whispered in Beau's ear, snickering. Beau fought back a smile. "Even his bald head and blue eyes make him look like Mr. Clean." Kevin laughed again louder than before.
Beau controlled his face better this time because I was looking at the two of them with an unamused expression on my face. Mr. Clean, how ridiculous I thought.
"You'll be receiving your human assignments today." I said sternly, hoping Kevin would focus.
"Really, don't you usually relay the assignments, Paul?" asked Beau.
"Yes usually, but your assignments are... unique. Hala will explain when he arrives." I replied more calmly.
They were nervous and confused. They had waited longer than most for their assignments but their waiting was going to pay off. The four Guardians stared after me a bit unsettled as I exited the room as hastily as I entered it.
Each guardian is unique, just like a human. Within the first few weeks of the Guardianship training program it is always obvious to me what a particular Guardian's Gift will be. A Gift is a Guardian's calling or purpose. Guardians are labeled into one of four different categories of Gifts; Guides, Seekers, Watchers and Planners. A Guide's purpose involves steering humans down the correct path. They are very patient and diplomatic people. They have a gift for helping others realize their full potential. Additionally, because they are good at diplomacy they are often good coordinators in the event that a group of Guardians need to work together in facilitating human relationships. They can consider all of the information objectively and guide the human toward a productive outcome. Many feel that Guides are the most important of all Guardians which is why everyone in the Guardianship program was surprised when I identified Beau as a Guide.
"Beau has absolutely no organizational skills whatsoever. He's always late, he's messy, he loses everything, and he's forgetful. How is he supposed to guide anyone anywhere? He couldn't even find his own shoes this morning." Belinda had said after the Gifting Ceremony. The Gifting Ceremony is the ceremony where Guardian's Gifts are identified.
"Physically speaking he is a nice looking guy..." Naomi commented. Beau is tall and broad shouldered like a football player with curly, brunette hair and handsome blue eyes. "He's really sweet too... but a Guide?" Naomi pondered. She agreed with Belinda.
"Maybe." shrugged Kevin. The girls looked at Kevin incredulously.
I identified Kevin as a Watcher. Kevin saw something in Beau that Belinda and Naomi had not yet discovered. Watchers are the eyes into reality. They are calm and cautious. They pay closer attention to what a person does than to what they say. They are powerfully gifted readers of body language. They can read a lie in a glance, fear in an angry outburst or manipulation in tears. They can see a person's true intentions in their actions. A Watcher could convict you or prove your innocence without hearing you utter one word.
"Are you sure you're not just jealous, Belinda?" Kevin teased. He had known she wasn't jealous, but he couldn't resist annoying her.
"Shut up, Kevin! You're getting on my nerves!" Belinda had barked.
The two of them bicker constantly. Kevin is cocky to the extreme and Belinda has a short temper. She is the fuse and he is the igniting flame. Kevin is a lanky, blue - eyed blond, a true surfer boy in appearance and attitude. Belinda is a petite, dark - eyed red head, a little fire cracker.
Belinda had been surprised about Beau's Gift. She had wondered if she didn't clearly understand everything involved with being a Guide. I identified Belinda as a Seeker. Seekers seek the truth and shed light on what is hidden or misunderstood. They are tolerant and fair. Their Gift enables them to read between the lines, look past stereotypes, and learn what is to be learned before passing judgment. They help humans overcome prejudice and discrimination. Likewise they help humans to see through deception and fraud.
"Beau is very patient and easy to talk to. Maybe we are missing something here." Belinda had pondered.
"I think you're right Belinda. I get really stressed out about my Ethics Analysis class. Beau is the only one who really ever listens to my venting. He is very good at helping people work through their issues." Naomi had reflected.
"Ethics Analysis, you make straight A's in that class. You make straight A's in every class Naomi. You are a true Planner." Belinda had complimented.
Belinda had been right. Naomi, a timid yet wise young girl with sandy brown hair and piercing gray - blue eyes, was a Planner. You could almost see the depth of her knowledge in those gray - blue eyes the way you might assume the vast depths of the ocean stretched out for miles before you on a quiet, clear day. Planners are historians, analysts and problem solvers. They are wise beyond their years. They know without being taught. They possess memories from lives they have never lived themselves. They are a living archive of information and experience. They are gifted at considering many options and determining which outcome will turn out best. A Planner could easily solve many of the world’s most difficult problems through simple research and analysis.
"OK Naomi, I haven't been fair here." Kevin admitted. "Why do you think Hala is assigning our humans? Why not Paul?" he asked.
"Change is my guess." Naomi said.
"What was it that Paul had said about our assignments?" asked Belinda.
"He said they were unique. So... they're special." Naomi smiled, satisfied that she was right.
"She's the Planner." Beau encouraged. They all smiled at him in agreement.
"OK, so why would Hala choose us?" Kevin asked.
"Maybe we are special too?" Beau wondered.
They all looked at Naomi and she nodded in agreement.
"Why?" asked Belinda.
"Guardianship is a tricky thing. For centuries Guardians have approached humans the same way. Considering what just happened in New York my guess is Hala is seeking change. We are young and strongly gifted. None of us have overlapping Gifts and we are more adaptable to change than the Elders.” Naomi explained.
Elders are Guardians who have existed for many centuries. On occasion a Guardian's Gifts overlap. Once in awhile you may find a Seeker with a capacity for watching. Various combinations may apply to this theory but only two Gifts may appear simultaneously and one of the two is always dominant. Still this is rare and many believe possessing two Gifts makes the dominant ability weaker, thus it is favorable to possess only one Gift. There has only been one Guardian to possess all four Gifts simultaneously. Me. Hala, the Great Spirit commanded me as the Oracle of Guardianship. When this happened I came to possess all four Gifts. I was formerly a Guide, like Beau.
"Wow, I can't believe Hala is going to assign our human charges. I can't believe he has chosen us for some unique purpose." Beau murmured.
"I'm not surprised that he chose yours truly." bragged Kevin. Belinda and Naomi rolled their eyes. Beau just laughed. "I'm serious. We make a great team. Some of us may contribute more than others, but even so we work together quite well." Kevin said, implying that he was the 'someone' who contributed more.
"Whatever Kevin… If we work well together it is because Beau is such an excellent Guide and nothing to do with you." Belinda snapped.
"We all make significant contributions." Beau clarified before Kevin and Belinda could start arguing.
"That is exactly what I said." Kevin snorted.
"You are so full of yourself." Belinda whispered just to Kevin.
Kevin winked at her and grinned. Belinda clenched her teeth together holding back the words and anger inside her. She was immediately distracted from her irritation when Hala and I walked into the room.
Hala takes the appearance of a child in physical form. In years he is as old as the universe. He is billions of years old while looking no more than the age of seven.. His beauty is beyond anything humanly imaginable. His cherub - like face is framed in long, pale, blond curls and his brilliant emerald green eyes are nestled in thick brown lashes. The face of this child is wise beyond his years. Even his rosy dimpled cheeks and baby soft skin could not mask the magnitude of knowledge and power he possesses.
"Hello, my children." Hala greeted the young Guardians. Beau, Belinda, Kevin and Naomi all knelt and bowed their heads in respect with their right hand fisted over their hearts. Hala bowed his head in acknowledgment and returned respect. Hala finds the spirit of the young endearing and powerful. Guardians finish the program at the age of 12. The Guardians he spoke to now were 14 years old, high school age. A guardian will stop aging physically until his or her assigned newborn human reaches the same age. This allows them to grow up together. When their human passes on to the next life they will graduate to the status of Elder. "You are right as usual Paul. This is indeed a very strong and special group of young Guardians." Hala complimented me approving of my choice. Naomi smiled as her gut feeling from earlier became more intense. Hala noticed her confidence. "Young Naomi, your guess is correct. It is indeed time for a change and you and your friends are going to be an integral part of this change." Hala confirmed looking at each of the four young Guardians.
"Yes, sir." the foursome nodded dutifully.
"Four human children will be born very soon and you will be charged as their liaisons to me. They will be the first humans of their kind, the first humans to be commanded as Oracles." Hala said seriously.
"Commanded as Oracles, as in spirits?" Naomi asked doubtfully.
Humans were not Oracles. Naomi knew this for fact. I gave her a look which suggested she should listen and not speak but Hala was not offended by Naomi's inquisitiveness. Naomi is a Planner. It's her job to understand and keep the facts straight. He not only found her question natural, but responsible.
"Yes, Naomi." Hala spoke very patiently. "You have heard correctly. Four human newborns will be commanded as Oracles." he reassured her.

Are you ready to nominate actors/actresses for round two? Today through Friday we will nominate potential performers and on Saturday we can all come back to vote (I'll vote too, for fun, but I won't count my votes toward the prize so I can remain impartial). 

Here we go!

Character Casting List
Beau – Liv’s handsome Guardian Spirit and possible love interest.

Belinda – Brayan’s feisty Guardian Spirit.
Kevin – Laith’s easy-going, self – loving, surfer-boy-mentality Guardian Spirit. He has a tendency to annoy Belinda.
Naomi – Meena’s quiet and sensible Guardian Spirit.
Hala – The Great Spirit. He appears to be a child of 7 or 8 years of age but he is as old as the universe. He is the creator of all spirits.

The more actors/actresses you nominate, the more points you can earn! Good Luck!
Amy Jones Young Adult Fiction and Fantasy would like to extend big cyber hugs and kisses to the awesome indies who donated their books to this giveaway! You guys rock!!!!

The Souls for Stars Giveaway kicks off its second week today and will wind down at the end of the month. Stay tuned! Each week you will receive a new casting call and additional chances to earn more points!!!

The Totally Awesome Giveaway Prize List!

Significance by Shelly Crane
Significance (Significance, #1)

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto
Don't Fear the Reaper (Netherworld #1)
Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase
Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1)
Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie
Callum & Harper
Blood Like Poison by M. Leighton
For the Love of a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #1)
Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole
Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga, #1)
The Childe by CA Kunz
(a print copy)
The Childe (The Childe Series, #1)
Existence by Abbi Glines
Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King
Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels, #2)
Soul Quest by Amy Jones
(a print copy)
Soul Quest (The Soul Quest Trilogy)
The Guardians of Souls by Amy Maurer Jones
The Guardians of Souls (The Soul Quest Trilogy)
Soulless; The Story of Shayan by Amy Maurer Jones
Soulless; The Story of Shayan (Prequel to The Soul Quest Trilogy)  


  1. Here are my nominations for week 3!
    Beau - Robert Patterson
    Kevin - Chord Overstreet
    Belinda - Bryce Dallas-Howard
    Naomi - Anna Kendrick
    Hala - I have no idea for Hala. I'm not really up on the new child actors so I'll be anxious to see who is nominated!

  2. I voted on the other post but I'll post on here too:
    I want to vote:
    Shyam: Logan Lerman
    Avna: Marcia Anne Cross
    Lefu: Joseph Leonard Gordon-Levitt
    Etheline: Emma Stone.

  3. I already tallied your votes but I'm glad you re - entered them with this week's nominations. It will help me remember to add them to the voting list. :)

    Sorry I didn't post yesterday everyone. It was my daughter's 11th b-day and she had a slumber party. I spent the night with 6 giggly little girls who did everything but sleep and I have a nasty cold.

  4. Beau--Joseph Morgan
    Charlie Hunnam
    Jesse Metcalfe
    Max Thieriot
    Drew Van Acker

    Kevin-- Austin Butler
    Alex Pettyfer
    Chord Overstreet
    Benjamin Stone
    Jeremy Sumpter

    Belinda-- Lilly Collins
    Jane Levy
    Skyler Sammuels
    Rachelle Lefevre

    Naomi---Dakota Fanning
    Amanda Seyfried
    Brittnay Snow

    I'm still working on Hala

  5. Also voting for Kaya Scodelario as Liv and Doulas Booth as Laith

  6. Fantastic nominations, Globug!!! :)

  7. Liv: Anna
    Laith: Liam
    Shy: Logan
    Lefu: Gary Oldman
    Etheline: Emma Stone
    Avna: Marcia

    :) I'll nominate some cast later this week :)

  8. Liv: Anna
    Laith: Liam
    Shy: Logan
    Lefu: Johny Depp
    Etheline: Amanda Seyfried
    Avna: Evan Rachel Wood

  9. Hala:

    Freddie Highmore with blonde hair
    Asa Butterfield with blonde hair?
    Preston Bailey
    Jonah Bobo
    Jackson Brundage
    Nolan Gould

    Saoirse Ronan
    chloe moretz
    abigail breslin

    Alex Pettyfer
    Josh Holloway,
    Chord Overstreet
    Chris Hemsworth

    Rose McGowan with red hair
    Isla Fisher
    Emma Stone
    Amy Adams
    Candice Accola with red hair

    Adrian Grenier!! :D
    Brody Jenner
    Eric Dane
    Danny Masterson
    Orlando Bloom
    Adam Brody

  10. Shyam: Logan Lerman
    Avna: Evan Rachel Wood
    Lefu: Gary Oldman
    Etheline: Emma Stone.

    Liv: Kayla Scodelario
    Laith: Douglas Booth

  11. Voting fot he tie breaker:
    Liv: Anna
    Laith: Liam

  12. Evan Rachel Wood
    Asa Butterfield
    Jensen Ackles
    Carrie Underwood

    My votes! They were all amazing! It was so hard to pick!

  13. Rachelle Lefevre, loved from Twilight
    Logan Lerman, my Percy :)
    Johnny Depp
    Amanda Seyfried

    Anna Popplewell, OMG SUSAN!
    Liam Hemsworth

  14. Amy, the story is sooooo good! Everytime I finished the excerpt, I just can't wait for next week to read another excerpt! How will is the even/giveaway running?

    Well here are my votes.
    Logan Lerman
    Marcia Anne Cross
    Gary Oldman
    Amanda Seyfried

    I also like Anna Popplewell and Liam Hensworth. :)

  15. Haha Amy, when I read that Kevin has the surfer boy vibe I immediatly thought of Chord! :D I think he is the perfect Kevin! Like Molly C Quinn for Meena, I think he is going to win by a land slide! :D

  16. Whoa! You guys are sooooo awesome! There are so many fantastic nominations for this week's post! Thanks for your amazing contributions!

    Xerxes - Thanks so much for your praise! The event began January 1st and runs through the end of January! This week was the last excerpt/casting call. The final week we be used exclusively to finalize the voting and determine the winners! Yay!

    I really like Chord as Kevin too! We'll find out if everyone else agrees soon enough! :)