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The Souls for Stars Giveaway is finally here! Woot!

Welcome to The Souls for Stars Giveaway at Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction!

Here's a recap of how the Giveaway will work!

Seeing how YA books are taking the silver screen by storm these days, I thought it would be really cool to let my fans and blogging friends cast Soul Quest.  Each week I will post an excerpt from Soul Quest on the blog. The entrants will read the excerpt and suggest actors and/or actresses who they feel would best fit the role of the characters within the blurb. The next week (along with the new blurb and casting call) I will set up a poll to vote on the nominated actors/actresses.  By the end of the giveaway (the month of January) I will tally up all of the nominations and votes (each nomination/vote counts as one point) and the entrant with the most points will win! The winner will take home the whole reading pile!

The Totally Awesome Giveaway Prize List!

Significance by Shelly Crane
Significance (Significance, #1)

Don’t Fear the Reaper by Michelle Muto
Don't Fear the Reaper (Netherworld #1)
Mortal Obligation by Nichole Chase
Mortal Obligation (Dark Betrayal Trilogy #1)
Callum and Harper by Fisher Amelie
Callum & Harper
Blood Like Poison by M. Leighton
For the Love of a Vampire (Blood Like Poison, #1)
Every Last Kiss by Courtney Cole
Every Last Kiss (The Bloodstone Saga, #1)
The Childe by CA Kunz
(a print copy)
The Childe (The Childe Series, #1)
Existence by Abbi Glines
Forgotten Souls by Tiffany King
Forgotten Souls (The Saving Angels, #2)
Soul Quest by Amy Jones
(a print copy)
Soul Quest (The Soul Quest Trilogy)
The Guardians of Souls by Amy Maurer Jones
The Guardians of Souls (The Soul Quest Trilogy)
Soulless; The Story of Shayan by Amy Maurer Jones
Soulless; The Story of Shayan (Prequel to The Soul Quest Trilogy)  
Casting Call #1
OK, here is your first excerpt everyone! Have fun!
In this excerpt the four human Oracles meet for the first time at a school meeting regarding student government. Their names are Liv Glyn, Laith Lightfoot, Brayan Akin and Meena Sodden and they are the characters you must cast this week!
The rest of the day flew by with Jedd by my side. After 8th period we returned to Mr. Stein’s classroom for a meeting about the freshman class officer’s campaign. Mr. Stein’s classroom was decorated in huge card board cut outs of Shakespearean characters. It made me feel like I was stepping into a book or maybe the Globe Theater back in the Elizabethan Age. I really like Mr. Stein. He seems like a very fair and sensible man who really cares about his students. I get the feeling I’m going to learn a lot from him. When we arrived dozens of students were beginning to trickle into the room. Suddenly I began to feel less confident about my high school political endeavors. Sensing my inhibitions, no doubt, Jedd grabbed my arm and drug me to the front of the classroom to sit in two empty desks. Everyone quieted as Mr. Stein introduced himself to the gathering freshman.
“Good afternoon.” he said. “What a spectacular turn out this is. I’m so excited to see so much interest in the Freshman Student Government campaign. My name is Mr. Stein and I teach freshman English here at Forest Hills High. I recognize some of you from my classes today and look forward to meeting the rest of you.” he explained.
Mr. Stein is one of six freshman English teachers. In a school of well over three thousand he couldn’t possibly teach all of us. He handed out forms for us to fill out. The form asked for our name and personal information along with the offices we were interested in running for. I wrote down Vice President. We turned in our papers and Mr. Stein asked us to prepare a small speech about why we felt we should be chosen for the specific class office we selected. We would each have the opportunity to make our speech to the freshman class on Friday. Today was Monday. We had the week to create banners with slogans and sales pitches to promote our cause and line the freshman halls of the school. I heard some kids talking about making buttons, sending mass text messages, even coupons endorsed with their names at local burger joints. I was going to have to be creative and original to get everyone’s attention.
“I wish you all lots of luck.” said Mr. Stein enthusiastically. “May the campaigning begin.” he finished with an encouraging smile.
“I’m not really great at this speech writing stuff.” said Jedd.
“Me neither.” said a very friendly yet unfamiliar voice. “Hi. I’m Laith, Laith Lightfoot.” he introduced himself.
His caramel eyes crinkled. His smile was kind. He was a tall muscular boy, definitely the athletic type. He had short golden blond hair stacked neat and tidy against his head. His golden skin was sun kissed probably from playing ball outside all summer.
As if Jedd could hear my thoughts he asked. “Hey man, don’t you play rec ball? You’re on the Brave’s team, right?”
“That’s right.” Laith answered. “You play for the Angels, don’t you? Hey, you’re pretty good.” he continued.
Jedd smiled, appreciative of the complement.
“Yeah man, you too. Oh, I’m Jedd Bellamy and this is my friend, Liv Glyn.” he introduced us.
Laith seemed like a really nice guy. He was polite and well mannered in a cool way. He seemed like the type of kid that would be really popular in the genuine sense. He was automatically very likeable. Surely, he would make a great officer. There was something about him. He seemed to glow or something.
“What are you guys running for?” Laith asked.
“I’m running for Vice President and Jedd is going to run for Treasurer. What about you?” I said curiously.
If he was running for Vice President he would fair better chances than me and deserve it. Maybe I should run for Secretary.
Before I could commit to the change he answered, “President, but I’m not real sure about it. I have a lot of great ideas but I’m not a really strong speech writer.”
As he was talking a group of kids walked up to us chanting “Laith for Pres, Laith for Pres!”
“Knock it off you guys.” Laith blushed.
He was embarrassed by the enthusiastic support of his friends. He introduced us to everyone and I recognized a girl from middle school.
“Hi Liv!” she greeted me. “How was your summer?”
Amber was her first name. I can’t remember her last. We had English together last year. I remember she liked to wear really crazy colors and wild patterns. If me or anyone else dressed like that we would look ridiculous but Amber managed to pull it off like a fashion model. White is her last name. I remembered because her name was such a contrast to her lovely, dark exotic looking skin. She had long black silky hair, black - brown eyes and an angel’s smile. She was funny and nice and as I spoke to her she had an idea. She remembered me too.
“Laith, I’ve got a great idea. Why don’t you and Liv campaign together? You know, like a team? She is really smart and you seem to know everybody.” she said and everyone laughed at her last comment. “He does. I swear it’s true.” she said looking at me and Jedd. “Anyway, she could help you with the speech writing thing and you could help her get her name out there. It would be perfect.” Amber explained.
I had to admit it did sound like a pretty good plan.
“Any room for a Treasurer in this package deal?” grinned Jedd.
“Absolutely,” I said. “I’m game if you are Laith?” I offered.
“I’m definitely game!”  Laith grinned.
“OK, well, let’s meet tomorrow after school to start writing our speeches.” said Jedd.
“Hey everyone, take a look at this kid’s graphic designs. He’s really awesome..“ said a familiar voice.
“Everyone, this is my buddy, Ray.” said Jedd.
Ray Mack is another neighborhood friend. Jedd and I have been running around with him for as long as I can remember. Everyone said hello to Ray but were quickly distracted by the mystery kid’s graphics.
“What’s your name, man? I dig your graphics. They’re incredible!” said Laith with his kind smile.
“Hello. My name is Brayan Akin. I’m running for Public Relations and couldn’t help over hearing your discussions of a campaign alliance. It’s very intriguing and I was wandering if I could join you?” Brayan said in a very sincere and business like tone.
His formal speech was a contradiction to his appearance. His curly bronzed hair was tossed on top of his head in a messy fashion. He was tall but slender and small framed. He was definitely not an athlete. He had an air about him that was almost electric. You could almost feel it. Perhaps it was a confidence. He was wearing what looked like navy blue work pants, the kind you see mechanics or people who build things wearing, and a black tee shirt with bold white type that said, ‘Macs are for pussies.’ I wondered how he got through the day with out being sent home for wearing it. Then I remembered three thousand, six hundred and forty six students attended Forest Hills High on a daily basis. It would be easy to miss. He stared at us with intelligent and determined eyes waiting for our reply.
“Uhm… sure man.” said Laith. He was a little taken back by Brayan’s oddly non – high school-like maturity. “You think you can whip up some cool graphics for our campaign posters and stuff?” he continued.
Brayan smiled and breathed with relief and content.
“Of course, it will be as easy as flashing a bios.” Brayan assured us with a chuckle, as if he had made a joke. None of us got it, apparently. Brayan just shrugged and smiled impishly.
The next day we all met at my house to work on our speeches. It would appear to become our permanent meeting place as my very hospitable mother played the perfect hostess by catering an array of finger foods, including the fruit cob - bobs she denied Spritzy yesterday morning. A few more kids were brought to form the alliance. Only two were running for office however. The rest were our campaign staff, if you can believe it. A girl named Meena Sodden was running for Historian. Ray found her as well. She is in his history class and knew everything before the teacher explained it. Ray seems to have a knack for identifying other people’s talents. He’s a head hunter of sorts. Who knew? Ray remembered seeing her at the meeting and I could see why. She was rather pretty in a unique way. Meena was a tiny, delicate, elfin  looking girl with a heart shaped face, shiny, smooth scarlet hair and crystal blue eyes. Everything about her seemed to shine in spite of her shyness. She looked almost fairy like. I could imagine her flitting across the blue sky with glittering wings and a silver wand. I had to giggle at myself. I’ve been reading way too many sci – fi and fantasy books these days. 
The other boy was running for Secretary and completed our campaign team. His name was Shy Donovan. His family just moved here from Chicago. I recognized him from my Theater Arts class. Amber White, the girl from middle school, is in the Theater class as well. She introduced me to him in class today. He was extremely good looking. He was tall and broad shouldered yet in spite of his bulk and muscle he still moved with the grace of a dancer. His sleek jet black hair was a handsome contrast against his porcelain white skin. He had mysterious dark eyes. So dark you couldn’t tell where his irises ended and pupils began. He was charming and elegant and everyone who met him seemed to be compelled by every word he spoke. I don't know why but I couldn’t stand him.

Woot! Woot! Are you ready to nominate actors/actresses? Today through Friday we will nominate potential performers and on Saturday we can all come back to vote (I'll vote too, for fun, but I won't count my votes toward the prize so I can remain impartial). 

Here we go!

Character Casting List
Liv Glyn - The super sweet MC who organizes and guides this group of supernatural teens. Liv takes care of everyone.
Laith Lightfoot - The popular, hunky athletic type with the charismatic personality. Everyone loves Laith!
Brayan Akin - Kind of nerdy, but brilliant when it comes to anything mechanical or technical. Brayan is the go - to guy in this bunch.
Meena Sodden - The shy genius! Meena literally knows everything!

The more actors/actresses you nominate, the more points you can earn! Good Luck!
Amy Jones Young Adult Fiction and Fantasy would like to extend big cyber hugs and kisses to the awesome indies who donated their books to this giveaway! You guys rock!!!!

The Souls for Stars Giveaway
kicks off today and will wind down at the end of the month. Stay tuned! Each weak you will receive a new casting call and additional chances to earn more points!!!


  1. I know you only asked for Liv, Laith, Brayan, and Meena but I immediately thought of all the characters. :)
    Liv - Jesse McCartney
    Laith - Liam hemsworth
    Amber - Tiffany Hines
    Brayan - T.J. Thyne
    Meena - Jayma Mays but Lily Cole was my first choice but she is not an actress
    Shy - Aiden Turner

  2. Excellent choices FirestarBooks! I could see all of them except your choice for Liv. (pssst! Liv is a girl, hee hee)

    Thanks for the nominations! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone else's ideas! :)

  3. I love this game!I always try to picture the actors/actresses I would cast for the characters i'm reading.
    Liv-Carey Mulligan
    Meena--Jane Levy
    Brayan--Benjamin Stone or Asher Book
    Laith--Autin Stowell

  4. I can also see Skyler Samuels as Meena.

  5. OOOOOOPPPPPSSSSSS!!!!!! MY BAD! #epicfail Clearly I wasn't thinking :P Perhaps Jesse can be something like John Travolta, he did a good job acting as a woman :)

  6. Globug! I love your choices, especially Benjamin Stone for Brayan (although, we'd have to make him die his hair brown, tee hee)!

    FirestarBooks! LOL! Actually, he made a pretty good woman, scary, right?

    Keep the nominees coming everyone!!!
    Squeeee! So Excited!

  7. #Liv:
    -Hannah Murray
    -Blake Lively
    -Michelle Trachtenberg
    -Deborah Ann Woll
    -Lindsay Pulsipher
    -Carla Gallo
    -Emilie de Ravin
    -Emily Browning
    -Kay Panabaker
    -Anna Popplewell
    -Lyndsy Fonseca
    -Lilly Collins
    -Bella Thorne
    -Hannah Marks
    -Ellen Page
    -Liana Liberato
    -Gemma Ward
    -Hailee Steinfeld
    -Heather Morris

    -Ryan McParlin
    -William Moseley

    -Tobey Maguire
    -Zachary Levi
    -Matthew Gray Gubbler
    -Atticus Dean Mitchell

    -Madisen Beaty
    -Molly C Quinn
    -Bryce Dallas Howard:
    -Kirsten Dunst
    -Sophie Turner

    Yeah, I know that is A LOT of choices. Liv was hard, I didn't really picture her as anything specific, just an average girl.
    Some I included pictures because some actors/actresses changed hair colour or what not, the ones with the pictures are the ones that I think best fit the role.

  8. Wow, Ashley! There are so many fantastic choices in your listing (and thanks for the links)! You've definitely stepped up the competition! You just earned a lot of points! :)

  9. Okay. Here is my cat:

    Sofia Vassilieva (played the eldest daughter on Medium).
    Kaya Scodelario
    Liana Liberato

    Douglas Booth
    Callan McAuliffe

    Adam G. Sevani
    Alexander De Jordy

    Annie Thurman
    Rachel Hurd-Wood
    Bella Thorne

  10. One more for Meena. :)
    I love the show Castle so I have to put Molly C. Quinn in.

  11. Awesome casting choices Hushed Paradox! I especially liked Douglas Booth for Laith!

    Woot! Keep the nominees coming! :)