Sunday, December 18, 2011

Paranormal Perfection; A 5 Star Review for Existence by Abbi Glines!

Pagan Moore is not your average 17 year old. No, not hardly, unless you consider seeing ghosts average... Pagan has been crossing paths with the drifting dead ever since she can remember. This is nothing unusual, until one day one of them speaks to her. If this isn't disturbing enough, Pagan finds herself attracted to this conversational soul. What insues is an emotional tug o' war between wanting what she can't have and wanting to be normal. Neither desire is panning out too well for Pagan in this paranormal, romantic adventure. To make matters even more complicated, there is a really terrific human dude (super hot, popular and a quarter back) who is falling madly in love with Pagan. Eventually, she finds herself forced to make an impossible choice. She can save herself or save the guy she loves.

Mrs. Glines out did herself with Existence. This is the first novel I have read by this indie author and I am eagerly awaiting the next installment in this series.

I loved the characters imagined in this story. The author did an excellent job of capturing the teen voice throughout the book. As a high school teacher I could imagine my students saying and doing similar things. Of course, I loved Dank in all of his brooding and sexy mystery, but I must admit that I had a soft spot for Leif. He was just so sweet and devoted to Pagan that you couldn't help but root for him just a little bit. And then, we can not forget Miranda, adorable and crazy Miranda, who is Pagan's BFF and grasp on the human world and reality. Every girl with paranormal abilities has to have a friend like Miranda to keep them sane.

Make sure when you sit down to escape in this young adult read that you alot yourself plenty of time. Once I began reading I could not put this book down. I picked it up and finished it within a 24 hour period, I kid you not! This novel has many exciting twists and turns that will leave you dieing of suspense with every chapter you complete. The ending is what blew me away the most. The last line of the book, spoken by Dank, is a doozie! I'm talking hook, line and sinker! Hurry up, Abbi Glines! Please write the second one ASAP!!!

I absoluted loved this book and would recommend it to the reading audiences of Stephenie Meyer, Melissa de la Cruz, Addison Moore and Nicole Williams.

I gave Existence 5 stars!


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