Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lets talk about The Hunger Games...

OK, so Suzanne Collin's book series, The Hunger Games is hitting the silver screen. Have you seen the movie trailer yet? Well, you simply MUST watch it before you allow one more deprived moment of your life to pass you by.

Take a look!

Was that awesome, or what?

The Hunger Games is by far one of my favorite book series and when I heard it was becoming a movie I was so psyched! Yes, I was excited about The Twilight Saga becoming a movie, of course, but this book series is so different.  It's more than just the characters (and there ARE plenty of fabulous characters in this series). It is also the different worlds (or districts) that Ms. Collins has created. 

I must say, if the trailer is any indication of the movie's success, this flick is totally going to rock! I think the producers of this movie did an excellent job. Each character has been cast perfectly. The environments are right-on too. From Katnis's district down to the arena, I believe they have nailed it.

Suzanne Collins wrote the screenplay herself so we won't have to worry as much about the story being butchered too much.  I also think, because of this, that her influence will spill over into the characterization and drama!

What do you guys think? Do Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling have some new competition? Sure, Rick Riordan made it to the theaters with his Percy Jackson bestseller and Pitticus Lore dazzled us with I am Number Four... but I have a feeling that The Hunger Games is going to be EPIC!

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