Sunday, February 3, 2013

We here at Indie-Licious love blog hops. We love them so much that we host one once a week on Sundays.

Sign ups are from 6:00 pm Tuesdays through 11:59 pm Saturday, EST. Just enter your info into the Linky List.

We only ask that you post teasers no longer than a paragraph. Anything longer than this will make it difficult for everyone to read and comment on your entry.

Have fun!

Here is my teaser!

Fly Away, Book two in The Wildflower Series
Coming Spring 2013

"I tried to steer clear of her, I swear, but it was impossible. Seeing her at the diner, day in and day out in that cute little pink uniform with her luxurious black hair twisted and coiled at the nape of her neck nearly drove me mad. I just kept imagining her long, dark mane unfurling around her shoulders while she stood bare legged in one of my tattered old tee shirts. God help me! "

That's it! So, what do you think? The voice you're hearing in this blurb belongs to Dannie (a former reincarnate of Jordan). You will get to know this young man a whole lot better in Fly Away (and so does Laney)! 

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  1. Great teaser post! It makes me want to run out and buy the first book in the series:) I love his POV! New follower also:) Oh and great blogs think alike, mine looks very similar;)


  2. Love the description, Amy! I really got a feel for the character with only a few sentences. Likeable, but definitely male, lol!

    Nice one :)

  3. Sounds great and makes me want to go pick up the first book!

  4. Sounds like someone has it bad! I love it. Great voice, and awesome imagery!

  5. I agree with Bethany, I need to read the first one now!

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who mentally ravishes the waitress.

  7. Thank you so much, everyone! This is an incredible compliment coming from such amazingly talented individuals! Andrea, I noticed you blog too, we're blog twins, LOL!