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The Wildflower Blog Tour Triple Giveaway WINNERS!!!

Congratulations Catherine @ Something Written, Something Read for winning the Blogger Giveaway prize! 

I'd also like to extend a HUGE thank you to everyone who participated in this blog tour. Your support has meant the world to me. Soon I should have everyone's prizes delivered via email or snail mail. I hope that you all enjoy reading Wildflower and ask that if you do please post a review of the book on Amazon and B&N. 


Congrats to Kassandra for winning the Reader Giveaway and Jessica @ Literati Literature Lovers for winning the Tour Blogger prize! 

The Triple Giveaway

Giveaway # 1 - The first will go to the readers and will offer one last chance to win a digital copy of Wildflower from Smashwords. This giveaway will be hosted on Friday only. 
Giveaway # 2 - To show my appreciation for the bloggers involved I will be hosting a giveaway for them as well. The prize for this giveaway will include a signed print copy of Wildflower and some cool swag. 

Giveaway # 3 - The third giveaway will be designated for bloggers not involved in the tour and will include the same prizes extended to the participating bloggers. 

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As an added bonus... 


Swag and cool stuff! card, post card, magnetic calendar,
 A signed print copy of Wildflower!
 ...and a cuddly buddy!

Here is the tour schedule this week!

5 Star Reviews for Wildflower

I was gifted this book by a dear friend. He sure knows his books that is for sure!

This books is amazing. The first few pages of the introduction and I was teary eyed, covered in goosebumps and TOTALLY HOOKED! I read this whole book tonight.

The world that Author Amy Maurer Jones has created is truly magical and amazing. When you take the horrors of high school, mixed with FINALLY talking to the boy of your dreams and mix it with a little Shaman get an AMAZING story! I am truly in love with this story.

I am SUCH a huge fan of historical fiction (time travel mixed with present day), Native American traditions and love. This book is just filled to the brim with all three and I was instantly hooked. The characters are amazing and so real.

I HIGHLY suggest readying this book. You will not be disappointed!

I really loved the whole aspect of this book. I was so entranced from the get go. Strong character development and since I'm such a dork I was totally sucked in to the historical and reincarnation element. And I may or may not have had some Disney songs going through my head, LOL. Once you read it you should know which ones. I cant wait to read the second book and see what other surprises Amy has waiting for us.

First off I have to say that Wildflower is a book that takes you by storm. It starts out in the 17th Century and then jumps to the present day. Amy Jones has done a great job with her descriptions of Plymouth, Mass and the Wampanoag tribe. The story starts out with Wildflower who is a shamans daughter and part of the tribe. She meets Joshua who is an English boy and falls in love with him. The only thing problem is is her father has promised her to a warrior of the tribe. As Wildflower and Joshua get closer she realizes her fathers intentions and decides to use her drawings to bind her and Joshua together in order to stay together. Wildflower draws a series of birds and when she is finished the drawing appears on her and Joshua. Joshua knows he will have to fight to keep her but will that be enough?

Jump to present day Laney Smith keeps dreaming about a boy she does not know but what she does know is that she loves him and needs to find him. That is when she meets the popular Jordan Stone. As they unravel the past and realize they have been reincarnated they must figure out how to stay together despite the return of Paco who is the warrior that wants her for himself. What is Laney and Jordan to do? Will their love end up like all the other times or will they finally be able to be together? What will Paco do when he realizes who Laney is and what she means to him?

This is such a great story with historical accuracy that it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time I was reading it. I can't wait for book two I need it like ASAP! I need to see what happens between these three. Will life repeat itself or will Wildflower be able to find her love and keep him!

I've never been a fan of History or Social Studies. If all of my history books had been written by this author I'm sure it would have been my favorite subject This story felt a lot like Pocahontas to me, but better. And one of the coolest things about this book is that the author included lyrics to songs before some of the chapters that seem to be inspired by the story. It's a great way to share the play list for the book.
This story is about a Native American girl named Wildflower and her forbidden love for an Englishman named Joshua Bangs in the 17th century. Wildflower is the daughter of her tribes Shaman and she has been promised to one of the tribes Warriors. But the story is also about those same souls in the current day. We get to experience the feelings of the characters from both time periods as their love story is relived again and again. Who will she choose in her current life and who will she choose in the future. Will she choose forbidden love or will the warrior that loves her win the battle over her heart. I have to say I couldn't guess where this story was going go. I loved both lead guys. The story also includes a dream world where the characters can meet in secret. I've always been fascinated with tattoos and the mystical nature of the lead characters tattoos was perfect. It was a great read. I definitely look forward to the next book in the series.

Amy Jones you make me Moan! Lol ew that's gross, but anyway WILDFLOWER was intense, intriguing, emotional and amazing! I absolutely loved it!

The book starts off waaaaay back in the day, I'm not talking 1990 I'm talkin' 1700's! WILDFLOWER is the daughter of a powerful Shaman who falls in love with Joshua Bangs (I'd Bang him alright lol) an Englishman's son who comes to trade with the Indians. When their souls connect it causes problems for her tribe and his... um... clan? Group? something! Anyway then the book shoots us into present day 2011 where young Laney Stillwater is crushing mad serious on Jordan Stone! This kid is sketchy at best, I mean one minute he's into her then the next he treats her like sh**! Serious WTF moment for me! I was like "This b!tch lost his mind!" A disastrous date causes Laney to write Jordan off for not sticking up for her! (Guys you gotta stick up for your girl PERIOID!) Laney starts to dream of a mystery boy named Joshua and when she gets to school the next day this kat just strolls in like BAM! I'm Here b!tches! They both realize they dream about each other and Laney discovers that when she draws shit on a notepad the image comes to life and ends up tattooed on her skin! I loved this about the story, Laney ends up with wicked tattoos by just drawing! Hello! I wish I could draw and have this happen, it would save me a s*!t ton of cash on paying a tat artist! When Jordan starts believing the stupid rumors about Laney being a witch due to her tribal beliefs it breaks her heart and he ends up turning to the b**ch click in school. They all start to realize through their dreams of past lives that they have a tragic history that could possibly be doomed to be repeated!

I wasn't too sure where this book was going but I found myself hooked into the story from the first chapter. I have always loved the history of the Indians and WILDFLOWER satisfied my curiosity. Laney was a cool character I thought. The girl could draw and it come to life literally and ended up somewhere on her skin!!! The relationship between Laney and Joshua was so beautiful and sweet! I was really rooting for these two but then the author throws in a dang surprise twist ending that left me completely salivating for what happens next dang it! Jordan pissed me off a time or two but his part in the story was crucial and I loved how he was included into everything! involving Laney and Joshua! UGH! Amazing read! You have to check this book out!!!

When I first heard about Amy's novel Wildflower, I was very enthusiastic to see what kind of approach she would take in regard to the culture and beliefs of the Wampanoag tribe. After reading her novel, all I can say is that Wildflower is beautifully written. I love how the syntax changes between time periods, and the problems translate beyond the past. I also really appreciated that the couples fell in love without knowledge of their past lives. They aren't together just because they were in past.

Soulmates Laney and Joshua have been reincarnated and now have the chance to love one another again after their tragic parting in the past. The flashbacks/dreams of the past are full of emotion and give enough detail to explain how the characters are feeling in the present. Tossing Jordan in the mix heightens the tension. He wants to be with Laney so badly, but his efforts are thwarted at every turn. The reader can really feel the desperation each character feels to just move past the blockades and be with their one true love. But scorned lovers and bitter jealousy just can't let that happen.

Wildflower has all the drama, angst, and romantic language every YA reader craves in a sweet love story. What I liked most was the realization at the end that everything is not as it seems. Wildflower is truly a delight.

~Rebecca @ An Owl's Book Nook

Laney has a deep culture and heritage, she is part Wamponoag. 

 Laney, however, is unsure of what kind of relationship she has with Jordan. He is like a light bulb turning on and off with how he might feel for her. Until, one day, Joshua, walks in: the new boy at school. She is astounded that he is the same boy in her dreams. 

 Wildflower is a unique story about Indian culture and heritage, and how soul mates can never be torn apart. The story travels back and forth between current Massachusetts and the land as it was when first settled by the English. Laney learns through her dreams the intense bond that she holds with her soul mate. Each dream brings you closer to the conclusion of Wildflower and Joshua and their destiny. 

 The reincarnation twist goes even farther than Laney and Joshua. Laney soon discovers her shaman gifts and taps into them. 

 I absolutely loved this story. Being American Indian descent myself, I felt drawn to this story in an emotional way. The plot is packed with mystery, friendship, loyalty…very difficult to put down. Laney’s high school experiences were right on, with what happens today in the real world. The thought of a love bond surviving through the centuries of time is mesmerizing. It’s an incredible read and will keep you on pins and needles to find out what happens next! 

~Michele @ Insane About Books

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