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YA Indie Carnival; Graduation or End of School Scenes

Welcome to Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction and the YA Indie Carnival. The carnival is designed for authors, readers and reviewers of YA Indie books. Each Friday this team of YA Indies will post on a common theme.

This week's post theme deals with scenes from Graduation or the end of another school year. I  have chosen and excerpt from the first chapter of the second book in The Soul Quest Trilogy, The Guardians of Souls.

Chapter One
Liv Time - July 3, 2015
Place - Liv's house
Queens, New York

"Forgiveness is a virtue of the brave."

- Indira Gandhi

    It’s been almost one month since I spoke to Jedd. The last four months of school were not easy to say the least. It had been awkward for everyone knowing that Jedd knew about the spirit world. Brayan was fine with it but Meena was furious and Laith was worried.

    "How could you do this, Liv?" Meena demanded. "It isn't logical to let him be a part of our world. It increases the danger for both him and us. Do I have to remind you about what happened to Melissa?" she scolded.

    Laith looked at the floor.

    "I'm sorry, Laith... but it's true" she apologized to Laith.

    "That isn't fair. Shy told Melissa about the spirit world, not us. Besides, Laith said Jedd had already clued in on his own for the most part." Brayan defended me.

    "They aren't supposed to know about us. It is too much for them." Meena insisted.

    "I agree, it is too much for the average human but Jedd is different. He has a special gift and he wants to help." I said. "... and I think we should allow him to, within reason." I argued further.

    "He will become a liability." Meena disagreed. "I can't believe you are backing her up on this." she accused Brayan.

    "As long as Jedd is only functioning in the observatory sense and he isn't directly in the line of fire... well, an extra spiriter is an asset we can't take for granted. It's been over four months since Shy disappeared and no one here or in Arcadia is any closer to locating him." Brayan reasoned.

    "Liv? I think you should tell Jedd to stay out of this." Laith said.

    He looked so sad. Losing Melissa changed him. He had lost some of his bravery and macho. He wasn't Laith anymore.

    "Finally, someone with some sense." Meena snapped at me.

    "Don't be mean, Meena!" Laith complained. He was quiet for a moment before he finally lifted his head to look me in the eyes.

    "I mean it, Liv. I think it's a mistake. I think it's not safe for Jedd or us. Please, will you just think about it some more?" Laith's eyes were pleading.

    I felt my head nodding in agreement. "I promise Laith. I will think about it." I finally surrendered. I hated to cause him any more pain.

    So it went like that for the four of us for a while. Brayan and I defended Jedd's knowledge and involvement in our world while Meena and Laith refused to accept it. We never spoke about our differences in front of Jedd but I knew he sensed it. He can see auras and feel allures. He sensed Meena and Laith's anxiety about him as much as he sensed mine and Brayan's trust in him. Meena and Laith were not alone in their anxiety toward Jedd. Beau and Naomi were fiercely against the idea of involving a human in our matters. Kevin and Belinda remained neutral. In the end Hala sided with Brayan and I. For now, at least, Jedd was in the loop. Not that it mattered.

    Jedd isn't even speaking to me right now. At the end of the school year we had another one of our big blow outs. It was the same scenario. He wants to fight on the front lines and I want him stay in the background.

    "Why can't I go with you?" Jedd had demanded on the last day of school.

    Me and my companions had conveniently provided ourselves with an alibi for the summer. We told Amber, Ray, Jedd and Drue that we were going to summer camp and we would be gone sporadically as a result. Jedd knew what was up. He knew Hala had plans for us to search for Shy this summer, where ever that may lead us.

    "Jedd, you can't even go to Arcadia. Only Spirits can go to the Spirit world. Duh!" I said frustrated.

    "I can still be a part of your search party when you're here on Earth." he argued.

    "No... you... can't." I said emphasizing each word. We had been over this one million times. "We made a deal, Jedd." I said. "You are supposed to stay behind the scenes where it is safe." I reiterated.

    "No, you made a deal... not me. I never agreed to those terms." he said.

    "It is more than just a deal between you and me, Jedd. It is a deal between you, me and Arcadia." I clarified.

    He didn't know about the concession that had been made about his knowledge of the spirit world.

    "What?" he wondered.

    He was clueless. I sighed. I had not wanted to get into this with him. I knew the conversation would end badly.

    "Jedd, the Spirit world is OK with your knowledge of its existence as long as you stay out of harms way. That means you stay in the background." I explained. The look on his face was incredulous. As the meaning of my words began to register so did his heart break. "Jedd, please understand. Please don't be upset. We just want you to be safe." I tried to ease his pain but my words only seemed to inflict more.

    "We... I used to be included in there somewhere, but not anymore." he said looking away from me.

    I knew what he meant. I was breaking my promise to him. I had promised him that nothing would ever come between us. Now, I realized it was a promise I was not of authority to make.

    "I'm sorry, Jedd. Please forgive me." I had begged him.

    That was the last time we spoke. He has since refused to return my phone calls, emails and text messages. I am not forgiven.

I hope you enjoyed Liv's - end of the school year - flashback from The Guardians of Souls. The third and final book in The Soul Quest Trilogy is slated for release in mid - July 2012.

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