Friday, May 4, 2012

A teaser for Wildflower, to be released June 1st!

The release of Wildflower approaches! I've extended the teaser to get everyone psyched up for the big reveal on June 1st!

My Dearest Wildflower,
            I know not why I write this letter. I know it will not find your eyes with understanding. My ink smeared words are no more sensible to you than the obstinacies plaguing our love.  Though our native lands separate us by oceans our hearts beat as one. This fragile parchment is an analogous representation of my heart breaking beat by beat, always yearning for your beauty and warmth.  I feel my soul fading each day in your absence and rejuvenate each night when you visit my dreams.  I live for sleep where my soul will find yours in a world that will hold us. Find me again, love. Save me from this wretched exile. Carry me in your heart now and forever more.

                                                                                    Love always,
                                                                                    Joshua Bangs

The days were insufferably long with out her smile and ease to pass the time.  I cherished the night when the stars shone as bright against the velvet sky as my love’s glistening grey eyes sparkled amidst her long, wavy, black tresses. Only in my dreams could I dare to love my heart and soul with out repercussions. 

“Joshua, Joshua…” Wildflower’s soft, sweet voice called to me in my slumber.

“Wildflower, you have come back!” I rejoiced, filling up with happiness as I tenderly encircled her in my arms once more. “I shall never let you go.” I breathed with content.

“We must be careful, Joshua. My father will one day learn of our secret. When he does he will put an end to our last hope of being one.” she cried. “All too soon this will end and I do not know how I will go on.”

“Do not cry, my love.  We must not give up hope. Is there not a way for us to stay here in our dreams?” I begged.

Wildflower pulled out a quill. It looked like any ordinary quill. Only, I knew what she was capable of doing once her fingers finished guiding it along the parchment. She began sketching an outline of a cluster of birds with the black ink. There were at least a half a dozen in the flock. 

“With each new life we breathe our souls will migrate toward one another. Our souls will carry us over land and water to be reunited again and again.” she smiled as she replaced her quill and began chanting in her native and mysterious language.

Like magic, the ink evaporated off of the paper and swirled in circles in the air until it found purchase on skin. A cluster of delicate birds were suddenly embedded at the nape of her neck. I felt tingling warmth spread over my chest. When I looked down I found one more imprint engraved over my heart.

My father saw the Wampanoag’s rituals as witch craft, as the devil’s bidding. The English people of Plymouth Colony feared Wildflower and her Shaman father. They refused to accept her or her people. The Wampanoag’s were just as difficult. They could not entrust the Shaman’s daughter to an Englishman.  To my father, Wildflower’s people were nothing more than heathens and savages. Wildflower’s father perceived the white man to be a threat to his tribe’s way of life.  No reconciliation could be reached.

I glanced down at the winged figure permanently seared into my skin and smiled.  They would not separate us. We would be one forever because my heart would always belong to Wildflower, in this life and every future life. 

I'd love to hear your first impressions about Wildflower.


  1. Amy, this is so, very beautiful. Wonderful job. Can't wait to read it.

  2. Very cool--and LOVE his name. Can't wait!

  3. Thank you Bryna and Patti! I am actually related to Captain Edward Bangs, one of the first settlers of Plymouth Colony. Joshua Bangs was the name of one of his sons. Unfortunately he was still-born. So many children died back then and the idea of that makes me sad, so I decided to give this poor boy a life and a story. :)

  4. I want a bigger taste! The cover is gorgeous, hope you get this wrote fast, I wanna read this one too! :)

  5. Thanks Jamie! The release date is June 1st. Let me know if you want a free review copy! I'll hook you up, girl! :)

  6. I just added a little bit more to the teaser! I hope you enjoy it!