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YA Indie Carnival: The Hunger Games meet Andre, the Oracle of War!

Welcome to Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction and the thirty - fourth post in the YA Indie Carnival. The carnival is designed for authors, readers and reviewers of YA Indie books. Each Friday this team of YA Indies will post on a common theme.

This week's post theme is The Hunger Games: Which Character from The Soul Quest Trilogy could be a formidable competiter in The Hunger Games?

This is such a fun post theme, I can hardly stand it! And, did I mention that I absolutely love The Hunger Games! The entire series by Suzanne Collins totally rocks! I am so stoked to see this movie!
OK, so which one of my characters would be best suited to kick some serious tail in The Hunger Games? That would definitely have to be Andre, the Oracle of War. Here is a little excerpt from Soul Quest featuring Andre. Let me know if you think he would fair OK in battle.

"Why didn't he use the portal? Isn't he in Arcadia?" asked Brayan.

"Yes child, but he can not use the portal." she said.
We all shrugged. I caught a glimpse of movement out of the corner of my eye. To the east, silhouetted by the full moon, I could see the outline of an expansive set of wings framing a large body.

"Look." I pointed toward the moon and watched Brayan, Laith and Meena shift their gaze. A huge grin spread across Brayan's face.

"He's a centaur… or close enough!" he shouted.

“He's a satyr.” Meena clarified.

The large and handsome man - like beast descended from the sky and landed in the meadow. His hooves sounded like thunder against the Earth and churned up dirt and dust with each stride. He was a massive tower even next to Brayan in his centaur form. His long black braided hair whipped like tassels in the wind against the curling, bone colored horns protruding from either side of his head. His eyes and skin were nearly as black as his hair. A shining vest of golden armor shielded his chest and a matching bow and set of quivers were strapped to his back. A gold, metallic cord criss-crossed his chest plate to secure them in place. In his hand he carried a large, dangerous looking spear. The long handle appeared to be made of solid wood and its blade was shimmering gold. It looked very old despite its luster. Muscles bulged from every part of Andre. Unlike Brayan, the lower portion of this creature was that of a ram. He looked like a sheep on steroids. The muscles on his body were covered in a thick black, charcoal colored fleece. His legs were short but stout and compact and his hooves were a glistening pearly white. Every step he took was like a symphony of elegant grace and strength. It was obvious why he didn't use the portal now. He was enormous and would never have fit.

"Andre, I presume?" Brayan asked politely. He was still smiling.

"Aye, Lad. You be Brayan." he nodded. "Halo ta ye too Laith, Liv and Meena." Andre continued. "Me Lord Hala saintt may ta perpare ye for wat is ta come." he explained in his thick Scottish Gailic.

He reached behind his back and retrieved a black leather bag. He loosened the noose - like knot securing the cords and grabbed several objects inside. He handed one to each of us. It was a scepter made of a material I did not recognize. Emanating from the scepter was a sword - like white flame. The flame was more beautiful than any I had ever seen.

"Des is a blaze fer ye." he nodded at us to see if we understood.

"A Blaze…" I confirmed. "What does it do?" I asked him. His eyes grew wide in surprise.

"Ha! Des Blaze keeps yer hart ta beaten,' lassie." he shouted. "Des scepter tis chissed frum de star doost an de flem frum de Light." he grinned.

"This flame comes from the Light, the Light with in the Maze of Mirrors? Is this the same Light that we were all created from?" Meena asked excitedly. Andre nodded again.

"Tis de same, lassie." he winked. He pointed down toward Meena's flame and said, "Des flem keels de Daeva an der likeniss." he nodded.

"Whoa, this is cooler than cool." Laith said.
"Aye, lad, ye be warriors!" he shouted jutting his dangerous looking golden spear upward toward the sky. "Bet furst ye gots ta git yerselves riddy." he nodded.

Personally, I think Andre could kick butt at The Hunger Games? Do you have favorite fictional character that could be deemed as combat worthy? Leave me a comment and tell me about them!

Before you go make sure you visit the rest of my carni friends in the carnival. I can't wait to read about their Hunger Game participants. I've got to see how Andre will fair in the mix of the latest contestants.

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