Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's going to be a blast!

Coming Soon!
The Soul Quest Blog Tour
August 1 – 7, 2011

Have you heard the news? Well, pay attention!

The Soul Quest Blog Tour will feature reviews of Soul Quest by various book bloggers, author interviews, giveaways and an author guest post. Plus, the release date for The Guardians of Souls, Book Two in The Soul Quest Trilogy, will finally be announced during the tour AND made available for purchase. Additionally, information related to other writing projects by author, Amy Jones will be announced.

Blog Tour Schedule

August 1st – Neri @ In the Name of Books
August 2nd – Megan McDade @ Reading Away the Days
August 3rd – Jennifer Grogan Sternberg @ X - treme Readers
August 4th – Keira Lea @ Keira Lea
August 5th – Rachel Harris @ The Ending Unplanned
August 6th – Heather Webb @ Heather Webb
August 7th – L. Carroll @ Lor Mandela

Book Bloggers
The seven lovely and brilliant ladies mentioned above have graciously offered to be hosts for my blog tour. Each of them will feature something fun and exciting for you on their scheduled day of the tour.

Guest Posts
Yours truly (me, myself and I – all three of us, if need be) will write one or more guests posts for the tour. I will try to feature a different post for each host to make it extra special.

Author Interviews
My wonderful hosts have some fantastic interviews planned for the tour. No doubt, these very creative ladies will have some fun Q & A time scheduled.

The Giveaway
I will be setting up a giveaway for Soul Quest on my blog during the week of August 1 – 7, 2011. Any interested person can click on the link provided on the tour hosts blog to enter. I will give away 5 ecopies of Soul Quest to 5 lucky winners.

The Guardians of Souls, Book Two in the Soul Quest Trilogy
The long anticipated release of this book is nearing. To celebrate its birthday I will kick off another blog tour at the end of August. I am currently looking for hosts for this tour. Please contact me by email to express your interest ( Please include what you would like to host on the tour (review, interview, guest post) so I can send you the necessary materials to prepare.
A Giveaway will be scheduled for The Guardians of Souls and will be conducted in the same fashion as the Soul Quest Giveaway/Soul Quest Blog Tour, only this time I will give away 10 ebooks to 10 lucky winners.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go tweet this, post it on FB, tell your Grandma (you know she would love a copy of Soul Quest), spread the word.


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