Sunday, August 19, 2012

Birthday Bash Giveaway!



In honor of my birthday next month and the completion of The Soul Quest Trilogy I will hold a giveaway on my blog to celebrate both occasions.

Three fantastic things will happen on September 18th, 2012!

First, I will be fortunate enough to enjoy another year of existence on the fine planet we all inhabit! Second, I will release a bundled package of all three books in the trilogy for one low price on! Third, I will host a giveaway on my blog the  very same day for a free copy of the bundle.

What do you have to do to win!

On September 18th, hop on my blog and leave a comment (including your email address) about the giveaway.

At midnight I will randomly draw a name from the list and announce/contact the lucky winner!

Do you remember how horrified you were about the idea of attending high school? I remember ticking off those last miserable days of my summer vacation following my eighth grade year. Maybe you don’t, maybe you were one of 'those people.' You know who I’m talking about, people like Melissa Small, the distinguished District Attorney, Larry Small’s daughter, popular, gorgeous... and absolutely terrifying to someone like me, Liv Glyn. No, I am far from measuring up to the standards required to make Melissa’s crowd. I’m not even close. I’m just a simple man’s daughter, mostly tolerated by my peers with average looks. If this isn’t depressing enough for you, stay tuned, it gets worse. I was commanded with Spirit at birth by the Great Spirit, Hala. I know, it sounds crazy but it’s true. If you think it's difficult being a teenager, try being a teenager who was born destined to save the world from soul sucking Daevas and their mutant progeny Aengels. There are four of us. My companions of Spirit are Laith, Brayan and Meena. Melissa Small is Laith’s step sister and she is always meddling where she doesn’t belong, further complicating our lives. To make matters even worse, my best friend Jedd is apparently aware of things that are typically undetectable to ordinary humans. So, I have to lie to Jedd, the boy who has been my constant standby since the third grade, to shield him from the horrible and very dangerous truth. Did I mention that I think I’m falling in love with him? The term awkward doesn’t even begin to cover it, trust me. Welcome to the mess that is my life.

SynopsisThe Guardians of Souls out did the first book in my opinion. You never know with the second book in a series how the author is going to have the story play out. I think Amy out did herself on this one. While the human oracles are typical teenager they have matured a lot since Soul Quest.

In this one the human oracles get to travel to Arcadia and Los Angeles. Jedd is more involved with the whole spirit world, which I'm happy about. There is a love triangle mixed in there too. The oracles are pleasantly surprised to see someone unexpected in Arcadia. Some amazing transformations happens that I didn't see coming towards the ending.

While this one focuses more on the spirit world there is still plenty of teenage drama and real life mixed in. Amy does such a great job blending it all together. Liv and her friends get to live a double life with plenty of drama, action, suspense and a little romance.

I am excited to read the third book to see how it all ends.

This book was given to me by the author for review. This did not affect my review in any way.

 Soul Deep is available now on!

In the third and final installment of The Soul Quest Trilogy the Oracles head to the Scottish Highlands in pursuit of Lefu and Etheline. When they finally catch up with the fallen spirits they are unexpectedly met by another mysterious creature, but is this magical being evil?

The spirited teens find themselves faced with loss and betrayal in this epic adventure.

Who will Liv choose to be her soul mate? Will it be Beau or Jedd? Which boy will face a future empty of his greatest desire?

Brayan will be deceived by the one person he trusts the most? Will he ever forgive his betrayer, or himself?

Laith has already lost his sister to the Daevas. Will a complication cause him to lose Drue too?

Meena will find the weight of the world submerging her deep into the waters of the Loch Ness. Will she rise against it?

Last but not least, will the Oracles finally rid the Earth of Daeva's and Aengels?
Afflictions of the soul wade deep. It's time to sink or swim. Tread carefully...



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