Friday, June 22, 2012

Coming July 2012! Soul Deep, the final installment of The Soul Quest Trilogy

Soul Deep is almost here!

The final installment of The Soul Quest Trilogy will be live on Amazon come July, 2012! If you haven't read Soul Quest and The Guardians of Souls it's time to tack them onto to your summer reading list in preparation for the conclusion to my first YA Fantasy Romance series!

You can buy Soul Quest here:

...and The Guardians of Souls here:

Excerpt from Soul Deep:

“Happy New Year!” Amber squealed as she raced towards me and my companions of spirit in the halls of Forest Hills High. She wrapped her arms around Brayan and gave him a loud smooch on the lips. Today was our first day back at school after the Christmas slash New Year’s holiday break. “So, how was your New Year’s?” she directed the question to the four of us.

            Brayan, Laith, Meena and I exchanged looks warily as we took in the smile that was forced onto Amber’s face. Her expression and body posture looked guarded and very similar to those of the rest of our human friends. Jedd was in the loop, of course, but Drue and Ray emanated an uneasy vibe to match Amber’s. We had had to bow out of our New Year’s plans in the city to chase down a few Aengels left over from Lefu and Etheline’s fiasco in LA. Apparently, Blake and Kira weren’t the only spies walking, or should I say terrorizing the streets of Manhattan. The Undines had sited more shells in the Hudson River and we were called into an emergency mission including Jedd’s allure detective abilities and our Aengel exterminating expertise. Of course, we couldn’t exactly explain this rationale to Amber, Drue and Ray so we made up some lame, half baked excuse on the spur of the moment. We were feeling the sting of our lousy planning skills now. Had we been prepared we could have come up with something better than a sudden and all consuming onslaught of the flu virus. We knew none of them bought it. They had seen the five of us looking entirely healthy and energetic with excitement only hours before we cancelled on them.
            “Oh, you know, repeated worshipping of the porcelain throne and all that. It wasn’t a very festive moment for me. How about you guys?” Brayan joked nervously.

            We all murmured similar fabrications in unison before Amber jumped down our throats.

            “Bull crap! What’s going on? We know there’s something you’re not telling us.” she demanded.

            Brayan’s jaw dropped to the floor in shock while his eyeballs rounded in panic.

Release date TBA soon!

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