Friday, February 17, 2012

YA Indie Carnival: Bitter sweet Kissing Scene

Welcome to Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction and the thirty - first post in the YA Indie Carnival. The carnival is designed for authors, readers and reviewers of YA Indie books. Each Friday this team of YA Indies will post on a common theme.

This week's post theme is a kissing scene! Woot! Woot! The love and romance just doesn't stop during the month of February! Here is an excerpt from The Guardians of Souls. The characters sharing lip lock in this scene are none other than the mc, Liv and her Guardian Spirit, Beau...

"Liv, what's the matter?" Beau almost whispered a few minutes into my reading.

"What do you mean? It seemed like you didn't feel much like talking so..." I tried to explain but Beau began to laugh in a sort of defeated way.

"Me?" he challenged. "Liv, have I done something to upset you? Why do you keep pulling away from me?" he pleaded.

I was pulling away from him. I only now realized it. I was trying to distance myself from him because... because... because I was falling in love with him. I should be honest with Beau, no matter how awkward it may make things between us. I shouldn't keep secrets from Beau, he's my Guardian. I owe him the truth.

"You're right, Beau. I'm sorry, this isn't your fault. I want to tell you what is going on with me but it's just so embarrassing." I admitted.

Was I really going to confide my feelings to Beau? Would he laugh at me or be angry with me?

"What could you possibly not share with me, Liv? You can tell me anything. Please, this is making me crazy." he continued.

"Can I ask you a question first?" I began. Beau nodded. "Is it possible to be in love with two people at the same time?" I whispered in a tiny voice.

Beau was quiet a minute. He looked as if he were contemplating my question.

"I suppose... but I don't think it would be very convenient or fair to everyone involved." he answered nervously. He was clearly made uncomfortable by my words. Now I've gone and done it. He continued to gaze in my direction. "Come on, Liv. Surely, you can't drop something like that on me and then just clam up!" he said incredulously.

I couldn't look at him when I spoke my next words. "I'm love with Jedd... and you."

More silence...

"I know. I've known for some time now, but at least now you know." he finally smiled at me. Now I was looking at him with a chagrined expression. He laughed at my reaction to his words and tears filled my eyes instantly. "Hey, don't do that." he begged as he gently lifted my chin with his fingers and smiled into my face. "It can't be all that bad. We'll figure this out." he promised.

"...easy for you to say." I grumbled.

"How is it easy for me? The girl I'm in love with is in love with me and some other guy... who I don't care for very much, I might add." Beau snapped.

Bitterness had entered his voice now. He quickly noted my horrified expression.

"I'm sorry, love. It's him, not you I resent." he stroked my cheek as he reassured me.

"You shouldn't be so nice to me. I feel like a two timing rat!" I whined.

"You're awfully honest and beautiful to be a two timing rat." he teased.

This made me laugh. He was trying to make me feel better, and I did feel better. To my surprise I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. My feelings were out in the open and I felt a little freer from the guilt. Of course, I doubt Jedd would be as mature and understanding about this as my Guardian.

"So, now what do we do?" I worried.

"How about this?" Beau whispered.

He leaned into me and brushed his lips against mine. At first the kiss was slow and sweet but eventually his supple lips meshed more solidly with my own. A feeling coursed through me that I've never felt before. It was sweet and warm and electric. It was magic...

Soooo, how'd you like that smoocharooooo? LOL! I hope your Valentine is as romantic and chivalrous as Beau! Don't forget to kiss and tell at the rest of my YA carni friends' blogs! Please be sweet and retweet!

YA Indies Extraordinaire! I can't wait to read their posts myself! 


  1. Oh so cruel!! Now I need to know who she chooses... or if she gets to keep both ;)

  2. haha! You wont' find out until book three! :)