Friday, August 12, 2011

Tower of Parlen Min Blog Tour

Today I would like to welcome Matt Xell to Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction.
Matt is the author of Tower of Parlen Min, a young adult science fiction and fantasy novel. About a month and half ago Matt emailed me and asked me if I would read and review his book and participate in his blog tour. After reading the synopsis for his book I was immediately intrigued. I downloaded his book and after reading it I was not disappointed.

Here is my review:

The Tower of Parlen Min by Matt Xell is packed full of action and adventure. You will immediately be fascinated by Ves Asirin, a mysterious and exceptional orphaned boy. Ves's journey is one of a kind. Everyday Ves awakes to a new mystery, literally, because each night he experiences an excruciating mind robbing headache that erases all of his memories from the previous day (or at least most of them). Ves's condition has made his life quite challenging but he is not completely in the dark. Like anyone with a disability he has learned to adapt and blend in (or at least he attempts to).

In this incredible story of young adult, speculative fiction the talented author, Matt Xell, does an amazing job of developing dynamic and unique characters and submersing them into a bizarrely beautiful and terrifying world. Ves's journey is filled with emotion and mystery. I was met with surprises on every page. What I especially loved about this book was the extent of detail and unique creativity invested by the author. Mr. Xell is a brilliant writer and I look forward to reading more about Ves and his unbelievable quest.

I recommend this book to Rick Riordan (Percy Jackson & The Red Pyramid series) and Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games series) fans. If you love these authors will 'eat up' Matt Xell's writing. I know I did.

I give Tower of Parlen Min 5 stars!

Want to learn more about Matt Xell and his book? Yeah, I thought you might. Here are the links you're craving!

Links for social networks:

Matt's FB page
Tower of Parlen Min on FB
Matt on Goodreads
Matt on Twitter

Links to points of sale:

Now for the best part, Matt has graciously set up a giveaway here at Amy Jones Young Adult Fantasy Fiction.
Five lucky winners will receive a coupon code to download their own copy of Tower of Parlen Min on Smashwords. The giveaway ends October 31st! Do you want to win a free copy?

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...and that's it!

Thanks again to Matt Xell for sharing his awesome book with me and my followers!

Happy Reading!

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